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Chapter 4[edit]

It feels like Flay's up to no good...

After the scene, head for the Campus Grounds and speak with everyone. Then head for the Worskhop Hallway and enter the Empty Room for a boss battle. Use Analyze to take him out quickly.

Chapter 5[edit]

There's been a strange rumor going around lately...

After the scene, speak with everyone in the Campus Grounds, then when you get control of Vayne, head S for another scene. Head for the Workshop Hallway and Campus Dungeon for more scenes.

Chapter 6[edit]

"sigh" Why do I have to be a hero....

After the scene, you'll be at the Resource Center. Head for the target location in your map for a boss battle. Two powerful skills should do the trick.

Chapter 9[edit]

I haven't done much to uphold justice lately...

After the scene, head for the following locations: Classroom C-1, Cafeteria, and Resource Center.

Chapter 11[edit]

Flay's been really calm lately...

After the scene, head for the Old Schoolhouse and follow the target location in your map for 4 boss battles. For the first boss battle, use Violent Pillar to take them out quicker. The second boss battle use Violent Pillar again to eliminate all of them. For the third, use Violent Pillar for the Delinquent, and cast Jade Shift to have an extra turn. For the last boss battle, use Chaos Devotion to take them out in 1 turn.