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Jobs are available to do during the free weeks of chapters. Jobs give the party the best chance to obtain money, as well as some recipes. It also gives the party the excuse to go out and collect materials without any specific farming reason. It is recommended that you do all of the jobs, but it doesn't affect the story at all if you don't.

Jobs generally expire before the end of the chapter.

Chapter 1[edit]

There are no free weeks (and thus, no jobs) in Chapter 1.

Chapter 2[edit]

All Chapter 2 jobs must be completed before the end of the chapter.

The Rumored Blowfish (Reports at Student Affairs) 1000 Cole Fetch: Tiger Blowfish x2

Tiger Blowfish can be caught at The Heights fishing area. Remember that you need two.

Settle the Crazed Beasts (Reports at Student Affairs - Arsha) 1040 Cole Bounty

This is a multi-part fight. Reinforcements arrive for the enemy party when the enemies are defeated, and time cards remain on the field. The last battle consists of a Bear and a Bear Cub. Killing the Bear Cub first causes the Bear to go into Berserk mode. It is unknown what the effect of this is, however.

Chapter 3[edit]

All Chapter 3 jobs must be completed before the end of the chapter.

Brawny Brownie Holdup (Reports at Student Affairs - Arsha) 1040 Cole Bounty – The Heights

The monster is alone, but hits pretty hard. Even his time cards do 40ish damage! If a time card and he will have a turn before the next Character's, make sure everyone is well-healed. He can block attacks occasionally, and will probably break Vayne at some point. Expect around 50 damage or more per enemy turn. Jess's SP is best used for Healing Echo. Nikki should use Heart Cracker repeatedly. Analyze isn't all that effective due to the enemy's penchant for blocking some of the strikes, but it still made Vayne effective. After the battle, a Fancy Hat (Tangerine Hat) is obtained.

Lando, to Cafeteria (Reports at Cafeteria - Michyo) 1130 Cole Fetch: Lando

Lando is easily found in the tall grass in The Heights.

Itchy Scratchy Fleas (Reports at Campus Grounds - Pheyna) 1710 Cole Fetch: Flea Necklace

The recipe for the Flea Necklace is available for purchase in the Infirmary (Medicinal Collar). One possible combination to make it is Spinacherb, Dirt, Tuft, Cyprus Copper.

The Missing Mineral (Reports at Classroom C-1 - Patrick) 1500 Cole Fetch: 120% Fruit x2

The recipe for the 120% Fruit is available for purchase in the Cafeteria. (One possible combination to make it is Tangerine, Lando, Goat Milk)

The Bug Master (Reports at Student Affairs - Arsha) 750 Cole Bounty – Living Forest

The fight has three Kamikaze Dolls in addition to the boss. The Boss counters heavily upon the death of a Kamikaze Doll. The Goat Cheese recipe is a reward for the battle.

Crash the Puni Gathering (Student Affairs - Arsha) 1760 Cole Bounty – Wind's Corridor * Mist

Mini Puni x3

Puni x3

Red Puni x3

Red Puni x3

Red Puni x3 (Boss)

Not hard so much as lots of enemies. The last set of Red Punis have a lot more hp than normal, and do about double damage. They're still easier than other Bounties in Chapter 3, but three of them can bring a character to near death if you're not careful. Start a Healing Echo late in the second set of Red Punis to mitigate their damage dealing.