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Chapter 8[edit]

I think Muppy's looking for attention...

After the scene, head for the following locations for more scenes: Workshop Hallway, Campus Grounds, and Music Room.

Chapter 9[edit]

Muppy looks kinda pale... I think, maybe.

After the scene, head for the Classroom, then go to the Workshop. Now, you need to pop some balloons lurking around the Academy. In the workshop hallway, there's 1 on the roof hiding behind a pillar, and there's 1 on the cauldron in the empty room. Now, head for the Classroom, there's 1 in Vayne's Classroom, 1 inside Classroom C-1 hiding outside the window, and there's 3 in the Restroom. Actually, there are more balloons lurking inside the Academy, but you only have to clear out at least 2 locations to trigger a scene.

Chapter 10[edit]

Muppy has only caused trouble since he got here... is that okay?

After the scene, speak with everyone and try all the plans presented to you. When you tried all 3, you will trigger another scene.

Chapter 11[edit]

I think Muppy's been more serious lately...

After the scene, head for the Workshop, then equip yourself with Tangerine Hat. Head for the Campus Ground for a boss battle. The boss is able to use a skill that can cause poison. If you equip the Tangerine hat though, you can avoid the poison.