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This Quest requires a guild to complete. Attempting it rewards Guild Noblesse SP based on performance.

  • Level 101 and above
  • Earned at least 1,000 Hunting Points or 40 Boss Points for the character in the week
  • Can be entered anytime from Monday 12.30am to Sunday 11.29pm server time.
  • Unlimited entries, but only the best score is taken (For practice mode, you can enter anytime in a party, including maps other than the current week's map, but if the live version is available all the time you might as well try the live version directly)
  • You will only be put into the same map with the same party. All party members must be in the same guild.

Map Types[edit]

Every week, the obstacle map will be fixed. Each week, the obstacle map will be rotated in a predictable manner. There are 3 types of maps: midday, sunset and night snowfield. Each obstacle map has different obstacles, so different strategies are needed to complete the course. You must complete 3 rounds of the course to be counted as fully complete.

To help get started on the obstacle course, here are some samples. (Credits to YouTuber 앵첼-)

In the race maps, speed is fixed at 140% and jump is fixed at 123%. The background music used is: (Credits to YouTuber SlipySlidy)

Flag Race Skills[edit]

Flag race exclusive skills are available to help you complete the race faster.

These skills will overwrite your existing keyboard settings for those buttons. You can swap between ASDF and QWER by pressing Tab.

  • A/Q: Toggle snowshoes. Cooldown 3 seconds. (If you are already wearing a pair of snowshoes, this skill has no effect)
  • S/W: Upward high jump. Cooldown 40 seconds.
  • D/E: Forward dash. (If there is a blockage of path that is close to you, this skill can bypass it.) Cooldown 40 seconds.
  • F/R: Increases movement speed of up to 6 players near the user including the user from 140% to 170% for exactly 5 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Stars are located at fixed spots in the obstacle course. The character should touch the stars to reduce all skills' cooldown (except toggle snowshoes) by 10 seconds.

Ultimately, good utilisation of skills and experience is necessary to achieve a high score.


The cutoff time for the maximum score is detailed as follows.

  • Midday: 2 minutes 9 seconds
  • Sunset: 1 minute 49 seconds
  • Night: 2 minutes 29 seconds

The standards for each score is detailed as follows

Time taken with respect to cutoff Points awarded
Cutoff or shorter 1,000
+1 ~ +5 seconds 800
+6 ~ +10 seconds 650
+11 ~ +15 seconds 550
+16 ~ +20 seconds 450
+21 ~ +25 seconds 400
+26 ~ +30 seconds 350
+31 ~ +40 seconds 300
+41 ~ +50 seconds 250
+51 ~ +60 seconds 200
+61 seconds ~ 8 minutes in total 100
Fail to complete 3 rounds in 8 minutes 0

Points are awarded based on the time taken, and the standard for each score is calibrated based on the map type. When multiple attempts are made by the same character in the same week, only the best score is taken. Obviously, for practice mode, it cannot be counted for any credit, but the result will still be shown as per actual attempts for your own reference.

The guild must earn a total of 1,000 points or more to qualify for Noblesse SP.

Noblesse SP[edit]

Based on the total flag race points earned by all guild members, Guild Noblesse SP will be awarded for the next week. If a guild member is no longer in the guild, the corresponding points will also be deducted from the records.

Guild Noblesse Skill Points will reset and be distributed based on previous week results on Monday 12am server time.

Guild must earn at least 1,000 Flag Race Points to obtain the skill points. Basically, every 1,000 Flag Race Points = 1 Guild Noblesse SP, up to 10 SP (10,000 Flag Race Points)