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This page describes the guild and alliance functions in the game.


Character must be at least level 101 to join or create a guild. Creating a guild also requires 5,000,000 (5 million) mesos.

Guild Level[edit]

Guilds also have a levelling system, and higher level guilds will have higher benefits. A guild with more active characters will usually gain levels faster too.

The required contribution per guild level is listed below.

Current Guild Level Contribution needed to level Total Contribution earned so far
1 15,000 0
2 45,000 15,000
3 75,000 60,000
4 105,000 135,000
5 135,000 240,000
6 165,000 375,000
7 195,000 540,000
8 225,000 735,000
9 255,000 960,000
10 285,000 1,215,000
11 315,000 1,500,000
12 345,000 1,815,000
13 375,000 2,160,000
14 405,000 2,535,000
15 435,000 2,940,000
16 465,000 3,375,000
17 495,000 3,840,000
18 525,000 4,335,000
19 555,000 4,860,000
20 585,000 5,415,000
21 615,000 6,000,000
22 645,000 6,615,000
23 675,000 7,260,000
24 705,000 7,935,000
25 3,888,000 8,640,000
26 5,637,600 12,528,000
27 8,174,520 18,165,600
28 11,853,050 26,340,120
29 30,554,530 38,193,170
30 N/A 68,747,700


Each day, each guild member can obtain up to 5,000 Contribution points. You can check the contribution earned for that day by minimising the guild window. Contribution Points can be obtained by:

  • Guild Check-in: 30 points

If there are multiple check-in on the previous day, additional guild EXP is awarded (given as a guild and not individual)

Check-in count Additional Guild EXP
0~14 0
15~29 50
30~59 100
60~99 1,000
100~200 2,000
  • Completing Flag Race: 1,000 points (once weekly)
  • Completing Sharenian Sewers: 1,000 points (once weekly)
  • Taking down raid bosses (additional points if done with 1 or more guild members)
Bosses Individual Points Guild Bonus (given individually) Boss Points
Easy Zakum, Easy Papulatus, Easy Magnus, Normal Zakum, Normal Ranmaru 100 500
Easy Horntail, Easy Von Leon, Normal Horntail, Normal Hilla, Normal Von Bon, Normal Pierre, Normal Bloody Queen, Normal Vellum 150 1,000
Easy Arkarium 200 1,500
Normal Kawoong, Normal Pink Bean, Normal Von Leon, Normal Julieta, Chaos Horntail 250 1,500
Normal Arkarium, Normal Papulatus, Normal Magnus, Hard Von Leon, Hard Ranmaru 500 2,000
Easy Cygnus, Normal Cygnus, Hard Hilla, Chaos Pink Bean 1,000 2,000 5
Chaos Zakum, Chaos Von Bon, Chaos Bloody Queen, Chaos Pierre 1,000 2,000 10
Normal Princess Nou 1,250 2,500 10
Chaos Vellum, Hard Magnus 1,250 2,500 20
Chaos Papulatus, Normal Akechi Mitsuhide 1,250 2,500 30
Normal Lotus, Normal Damien, Easy Lucid, Normal Divine King Slime 1,500 3,000 30
Normal Lucid, Normal Will, Normal Dusk, Normal Djunkel 1,500 3,000 40
Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, Hard Lucid, Hard Will 1,500 3,000 60
Chaos Divine King Slime 1,500 3,000 65
Chaos Dusk, Hard Heretic Hilla, Hard Djunkel, Hard Serene 1,500 3,000 70
Hard Black Mage 2,000 3,000

Note that for MSEA, during events, Normal Princess Nou and Normal Akechi Mitsuhide are worth 20 boss event currency, but it is worth a different number of boss points for guild.

Guild Points[edit]

For every 10 contribution that you made, 3 Guild Points (GP) will go to the guild, up to 1,500 GP per day per character. the guild can hold up to 10,000,000 (10 million) GP at a time.

Guild Capacity[edit]

The guild can have up to 20 characters. The capacity can be expanded using Guild Points (GP) to expand it by 10 characters, up to 18 times (total 200 characters). Only the guild master and members with the permission can perform the expansion.

The cost will be equal to 10,000 × (1 + the number of times the capacity is expanded) in Guild Points. It will cost 1,710,000 (1.71 million) GP to reach 200 characters capacity.

Guild Emblem[edit]

The guild can create an emblem (it will be shown in guild windows and beside the guild name below the character's name) to represent the guild better. Only the guild master and members with the permission can adjust the emblem.

Default emblems supplied by the game requires 150,000 GP. The guild does not own the emblem, so if the guild decides to change back into an emblem that it once had, the cost is still imposed.

Custom emblems requires 225,000 GP, and the guild must be at least level 10. A custom emblem consist of a 17px by 17px in .jpg or .png format, and should not be offensive in nature (there are no automated checks, but if reports are filed against the guild then the emblem might be revoked).

Guild Benefits[edit]

The guild can enjoy various guild skills. Certain guild skills are awarded on a bell curve weekly, so the guild has to compete with other guilds to earn or keep them.

For more details on Guild Skills, see MapleStory/Guild skills.

In addition, the "view location" function also works on online guild members (accessible by right clicking), just like buddies.

Based on your guild's rank (at the guild master or members with such permissions' discretions), the privileges enjoyed varies (there are options to block active guild skills from being used, so remember to do your part if your guild makes it mandatory).

Guild Advertisement[edit]

The guild master can advertise the guild to entice players to join the guild. The "Join Config" button at the top right contains the "Guild Promotion" and the "Guild Megaphone". Both costs 1,500 GP each to use.

"Guild Promotion" will flag out your guild at the pages of suggested guilds shown in the guild window on characters without a guild, for a day. Guilds whose promotion duration is expiring will be listed higher in the list.

"Guild Megaphone" lets the guild master message the entire world, just like the Hyper Megaphone, but without the item linking function. The message will also be highlighted in light pink and the text will be in a darker pink (like old super megaphones) instead of transparent highlight and yellow text for hyper megaphones. There is a cooldown of 3 hours between uses.


An alliance can be created by 2 to 5 guilds in a single alliance. The guild masters must be in the same party when creating an alliance, and the party leader will be the alliance master while the others will be the alliance junior master. The party leader will have to pay 5,000,000 (5 million) mesos to create the alliance.

There are no additional benefits for an alliance unlike the guild (you cannot even view location on alliance members).