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Monster Collection allows players to collect monsters at a chance by killing monsters and obtain rewards when certain conditions are met.

For a detailed guide: (Credits to JuddStorm)


  • Monster Collection is shared within the same world in the account.
  • Collect monsters at a chance by killing monsters with the same name as the one listed in Monster Collection (some monsters are not inside Monster Collection).
    • The chance is determined by monster level if it is a normal monster (monsters below level 120 have a higher chance, and the lower the monster level, the higher the chance)
    • A higher chance if it is a boss monster
    • A pretty high chance (actually not very high, it is about 30%) if it is an elite monster. Elite monster requires the exact same prefix in the official services.
    • Explorer Bowman link skills and certain events (such as Sunday Maple) increases the collection chance by adding up all of such increases and multiplying with the base rates.
    • There is a pity system for certain monsters and it is triggered based on the monster ID. Each monster may have a different level of pity system.
  • Collect a row to obtain the collection box reward. The row can be sent for exploration to receive exploration rewards (where the exploration rewards are generally worse than the collection box rewards, but it takes no effort; it is like a pension system)
    • Rewards include Mileage, Trait EXP, enhancement type items
  • The number of explorations available at the same time depends on the total number of monsters collected.
    • Base: 2 slots
    • 150 monsters collected: +1 slot (total 3 slots)
    • 300 monsters collected: +1 slot (total 4 slots)
    • 600 monsters collected: +1 slot (total 5 slots)
  • Collect the full page to obtain the page reward
    • Rewards can vary from trash (100 all cure potions, etc) to cube chairs (can be stacked with other cube chairs, up to 6 cubes, can only be used in towns)
    • Usually pages will contain at least 1 elite monster, if it does not then the page reward is usually trash to begin with (if there is an elite mob in the page, the page reward can still be trash)
  • Collect a set number of monsters in the category to obtain a medal (for Victoria Island there are 2 medals, 1 at 50 monsters and 1 more at 100 monsters) in the Medals tab of the Monster Collection window.
    • Medals will be registered as obtained for all characters in the world. To obtain the medal physically on other characters, use the Medal's reissue function (costs 1 million mesos for the 5th reissue onwards on the same character, and lesser amount of mesos before that)
  • Momons can be obtained from certain Sundays and event coin shops. Basically, it can select a random monster that is rated 1 to 3 stars, and if the monster is already registered then you will receive a Considerable Exploration Box instead of registering the randomly selected monster.