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MS Henesys PQ Icon.png
Tory, the NPC who starts the PQ.
Henesys PQ

Cross World Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, is a party quest based on Henesys, despite some of the platforms and monsters, as well as the background, originating from Korean Folk Town. A party of 4 is needed, and can enter as long as they are all over the level of 70. An NPC named Tory is located in Cross World Party Quest Waiting Room wearing a bunny suit, and lets you inside the PQ. The entire PQ duration is 20 minutes.

Collecting Seeds[edit]

Henesys PQ
gathering seeds.

In the first portion, players must run around killing pigs to obtain Primrose Seeds, which are found for every few kills. After 6 seeds have been collected, all the pigs will die automatically. Click on the platforms if you have the seeds to plant them. A flower will sprout on a platform after the seed disappears. Once this has been done, a Moon Bunny will spawn in the middle of the map.

Protect Moon Bunny![edit]

Henesys PQ
defending the bunny.

The next stage is continued from the previous stage, so the time limit depends on how long you took in the previous stage. The Moon Bunny that spawns has a health bar like an ordinary party member, and must be protected. Waves of flying enemies ranging from Flyeyes and Stirges to the Goblin Fire of Korean Folk Town come towards the center of the map to attack the bunny. Your party must move to the center of the map to protect it. You must kill all the monsters before they reach the bunny, because when the bunny is attacked, it stops pounding the rice cake momentarily, slowing down the process of making the rice cakes. The bunny makes more rice cakes as it focuses for a longer time uninterrupted, up till 9-10 rice cakes made in a session (starting from 2-4 rice cake in a session). Ranged characters have an advantage here. It is recommended that lower leveled party members stand in the center so as to avoid being hit as well. The Bunny drops a Rice Cake from time to time while the party protects it, which the Party must collect. Once 80 cakes have been collected, the PQ is over. Also, if the Bunny dies or time expires before acquiring enough cakes, the PQ is failed.


You obtain 10 Party Points. These are the available equipment once you acquire enough points from completing the Cross World party quest which can be bought from NPC Pub. Note that you can also buy other items such as equipments from 'Moon Bunny's Rice Cake', 'First time together', 'Remnants of Goddess' and 'Forest of Poison Haze', scrolls, chair and damage skins.

Party Points left will be reset every 8 weeks.

MS Item A Rice Cake on Top of My Head.png
A Rice Cake on
Top of my Head
Common Level 30
All stats +1 Slots: 7
DEF +40

Two Rice Cakes on Top of My Head
Common Level 40
All stats +2 HP +70
DEF +50
Slots: 7 40 Charm EXP gained when equipped for the first time

Rainbow Rice Cake Topper
Common Level 100
All stats +10 Weapon and Magic Attack +1
DEF +150
Slots: 7 If equipped, when clearing cross world party quests, gets 10% more clear EXP, stackable with Sticky Shoes (additively) and Party Quest set effects (multiplicatively).
EXP Reward
  • Level 70~119:
  • Level 120~250:

Exclude equipments (EXP reward +0%/10%/20%) and PQ set effects (Final EXP reward +0%/3%/9%/18%)


Note: The monster stats listed here are the base stats (before the PQ stats get calculated), and therefore NOT what you should expect when doing this PQ.

Name Monster Info Notes
This version of Pig drops Primrose Seeds for the Moon Bunny PQ.
  • Level: 7
  • HP: 80
  • MP: 10
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 0

Ribbon Pig
This version of Ribbon Pig drops Primrose Seeds for the Moon Bunny PQ.
  • Level: 10
  • HP: 125
  • MP: 10
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 0

Moon Bunny
Must be protected in order to complete Moon Bunny PQ.


  • Level: 30
  • HP: 900
  • MP: 120
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 4

In Moon Bunny PQ, you must protect the Moon Bunny from this, Flyeyes, and Goblin Fire.
  • Level: 6
  • HP: 65
  • MP: 10
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 0

In Moon Bunny PQ, you must protect the Moon Bunny from this, Stirges, and Goblin Fire.
  • Level: 8
  • HP: 95
  • MP: 10
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 0

Goblin Fire
In Moon Bunny PQ, you must protect the Moon Bunny from this, Stirges, and Flyeyes.
  • Level: 11
  • HP: 150
  • MP: 20
  • PDR: 10%
  • MDR: 10%
  • EXP: 1