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Maple Reward Points, or Mileage, is an additional currency usable in the cash shop. It can be spent on items in the Mileage shop (item limits reset monthly) or used as a 30% discount on most cash items.

Acquisition Methods[edit]

You can earn up to 10,000 Mileage daily for free, and 50,000 Mileage monthly for free. There is a combined limit of 200,000 Mileage monthly including cash spent.

Mileages earned on the same month expires on the 2nd last day of the next month.

You must enter the cash shop by 11.59pm on the same day to accumulate the Mileage, else it will be destroyed at 12am.

Mileages can be earned for free by:

  • Daily Gift Days 7 (500 mileage, x2 for MVP Bronze I and above) and 21 (1,000 mileage, x2 for MVP Silver and above)
  • Monster Collection and Exploration (higher quality boxes and longer duration explorations award more mileage, though less than proportional)
  • Daily Bosses excluding Balrog and Julieta (30 per boss per difficulty)
  • Weekly Bosses (200 per boss per difficulty)
  • Monthly Bosses (1,000 per boss per difficulty)
  • MapleStoryM "PC Daily tasks" (100 per mission, up to 5 missions as stated in game)
  • Sudden Missions at a low chance for 500 mileage

In addition, 5% of cash spent is returned as mileage. When a mileage discount is applied, the cash spent is based on the discounted price. Mileages earned this way ignores the limits on mileages earned for free, but it is still subjected to the overall limit.