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  • Primary Stat: DEX speed critical
  • Attribute: Fire Ice Physical
  • Equip: Sword and Shield

Alike to the Archer MapleStory/Archer class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10500111 Snipe Focus your breathing and take aim. Lv0 Always on. Restores 7 spirit every 0.5 sec. Restores an additional 1 spirit if there are no enemies within 4 m.
10500151 Eagle Glide Catch a ride on Bronze Eagle to zoom forward. Lv0 Cooldown 0.65 sec. Dash forward in the direction you are facing. Can be used to interrupt other skills.
10500001 Arrow Stream Fire a steady stream of arrows. Lv10 Cooldown 0.45 sec. Deals 32% damage 3 times.
10500011 Arrow Barrage Fire several arrows in an arc. Lv10 Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 12. Keep pressing the key to perform a 3-part combo. The first two attacks deals 153% damage, and the third deals 76% damage 3 times.
10500021 Rapid Shot Shoot consecutive fire arrows at the enemy. Lv16 3+ Arrow Stream 3+Arrow Barrage Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 7. Deals 42% damage 3 times. Pierces targets.
10500101 Arrow Storm Overwhelm foes with a torrent of arrows from above. Lv25 5+Arrow Barrage 3+Rapid Shot Cooldown 13 sec. Deals 39% damage 20 times within the skill area. Hold down the skill key to attack further ahead of you. Grants Knockback Immunity.
10500141 Screwdriver Shot Loose a spinning arrow that drills through foes. Lv43 8+Rapid Shot Cooldown 13 sec. Requires active Snipe buff. Hold the skill key down to enhance the arrow, up to Lv.3. [Lv.1] Deals 372% damage. [Lv.2] Deals 725% damage [Lv.3] Deals 1078% damage. Grants Knockback Immunity. Pierces enemies.
10500161 Precision ShooterYour specialised training permanently enhances Screwdriver Shot. Lv46 Always on. Converts Screwdriver Shot to Improved Screwdriver Shot. Increases attack speed by 1%. Increases Improved Screwdriver Shot damage by 5%
10500041 Evasive Salvo Flip backwards while shooting a volley of fire arrows. Lv10 Cooldown 0.55 sec. Deals 108% damage 3 times. 40% chance to deal critical damage, regardless of your critical rate. Can be used to interrupt other skills. Grants Knockback Immunity.
10500031 Ice Arrow Fires ice arrows in an arc. Lv22 5+Evasive Salvo Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 6. Deals 58% damage. Pierces enemies. Reducrs enemy movement speed by 4%, stacks up to 10 times.
10500131 Agile Archer Your training under Oska has taught you to loose more devastating shots and move more deftly. Lv31 4+Ice Arrow Always on. Permanently increases piercing by 1% and evasion by 1.
10500051 Bow Swing Swing your bow wildly to attack nearby enemies. Lv40 3+Agile Archer Cooldown 6 sec. Deals 344% damage and stuns targets. If the target has 10 stacks of Ice Arrow, consumes all stacks to deal an additional 183% ice damage.
10500071 Bronze Eagle Your trusty winged companion aids you in battle. Lv13 Always on. Upon landing a critical hit, increases dexterity by 4.4% for 15 sec. This effect has a 3 sec cooldown.
10500081 Eagle Claw Command Bronze Eagle to attack. Lv28 7+Bronze Eagle Activate to use

Only usable while Bronze Eagle is active. Deals 302% damage. Bronze Eagle dissapears immediately after use. Enemies hit take an additional 60% damage per second and have thier movement speed and jump power reduced by 30% for 6 sec.

10500091 Eagle's Majesty Harness the power of the eagle to enhance your combat abilities. Lv37 3+Eagle Claw Cooldown 60 sec. Restores 1 spirit every sec for 30 sec. While active, deals an additional hit for 25% at regular intervals. This effect is subject to an internal cooldown.
10500121 Conditioning Your special training with the Green Hoods has enhanced your physical abilities. Lv19 Always on. Permanently increases physical attack by 1% and movement speed by 1%
10500061 Sharp Eyes Create a magical seal that heightens the senses of you and your allies. Lv34 6+Conditioning Cooldown 180 sec. Increases critical rate by 13 and accuracy by 1 for you and your allies by 180 sec. Your critical rate is increased by another 4.
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