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  • Primary Stat: LUK critical damage
  • Attribute: Dark Physical
  • Equip: Throwing Weapons

Alike to the Knight of Darkness MapleStory/Night Walker class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10800081 Shadow Chaser Use dark magic to brand enemies with an Assasin's Mark. Lv0 Cooldown 0.6 sec. Deals 23% damage. Inflicts Assasin's Mark for 30 sec. Assasin's Mark restores 1 spirit to its caster every 0.1 sec.
10800071 Dash Deftly leap forward. Lv0 Cooldown 0.35 sec. This skill can be used to interrupt other skills.
10800001 Lucky Stars Throw your weapons one after the other. Lv10 Cooldown 0.6 sec. Deals 76% damage. Consecutive attacks alternate between off-hand and main hand attacks. Damage varies according to which weapon is thrown. Ricochets to another enermy up to 2 times.
10800021 Fragmented Star Throw a projectile that fragments on impact to deal damage in an area. Lv10 Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 20. Deals 215% damage. Deals damage based on your main hand weapon.
10800121 Star Chaser Throw 4 homing weapons from each hand. Lv19 4+Fragmented Star Cooldown 4 sec. Spirit 15. Deals 39% damage 8 times. Damage varies based on the weapon equipped in each hand.
10800101 Star Flurry Equip 3 weapons in each hand and throw them at the closest enemy. Lv28 4+Lucky Stars 3+Star Chaser Cooldown 4 sec. Spirit 15. Deals 59% damage 6 times. Damage varies according to the weapon equipped in each hand.
10800111 Thrown Weapon Mastery Your training increases the efficiency of thrown weapons. Lv40 5+Fragmented Star 4+Star Flurry Always on. Increases weapon attack by 1% when thrown weapons are equipped.
10800011 Shadow Cutter Imbue your weapon with dark magic and throw it like a boomerang, striking enemies on its way out and on its return. Lv10 Cooldown 0.7 sec. Spirit 13. Deals 99% damage on each trip. Deals damage according to your main hand weapon.
10800031 Shadow Burst Throw 5 dark-magic imbued projectiles in a cone. Lv22 4+Shadow Cutter Cooldown 12 sec. Spirit 30. Deals 211% damage 2 times. Deals an additional 211% damage to enemies marked for death, consuming Mark of Death.
10800141 Soul Grind Throw a giant weapon that spins in place upon impact with a target. Lv31 4+Lucky Stars 3+Shadow Burst Cooldown 14 sec. Spirit 30. Deals 97% damage 5 times. Damage varies based on your main hand weapon.
10800151 Shadow Arts Utilize secret assasin techniques to strengthen your command of dark magic. Lv43 5+Shadow Cutter 4+Soul Grind Always on. Increases damage of Shadow Burst, Shadow Cutter, Soul Grind, Shadow Web, and Death Sentence by 2%
10800051 Dark Cloak Meld into the shadows. Lv13 Cooldown 33 sec. Enter stealth for 12 sec. While hidden, movement speed increases by 21%, spirit recovery increases by 2, and your attacks stun targets for 1.5 sec. Using skills, items, or being hit by an enemy will cause you to exit stealth.
10800091 Mark of Death Mark enemies for death. Lv25 2+Dark Cloak Always on. Attacks against enemies with 30% or less health have a 25% chance to mark them for death for 6 sec. Marked enemies take 1% additional damage.
10800131 Death Sentence Summon 3 mirror images to strike at your foes. Lv34 3+Mark of Death Cooldown 45 sec. Deals 83% damage. Inflicts Shadow Brand for 6 sec. Shadow Brand increases all damage taken by 1%
10800041 Fatal Strikes Utilize dark magic to strengthen your secret assasin techniques, allowing you to identify enemy weak spots. Lv16 Cooldown 60 sec. For 8 sec, all attacks become critical hits.
10800061 Shadow Web Flip backwards and summons a mirror image. Lv37 2+Fatal Strikes Cooldown 7 sec. Spirit 28. Shortly after casting, Your clone explodes shortly after casting, dealing 28% damage to nearby enemies. Deals an additional 14% damage per sec for 4 sec. Reduces target's movement speed by 10% for 4 sec. This skill can be used to interrupt other skills.
10800161 Mirror Image: Dark Blade Marks the ground with a dark insignia that debilitates enemies who tread on it. Lv46 2+Shadow Web Cooldown 40 sec. Marks the ground for 19 sec. Enemies who step on the insignia take 257% damage and are inflicted with Blade Mark for 10 sec. Enemies inflicted with Blade Mark have their accuracy reduced by 20. Attacks against them have a chance to deal an additional attack for 28% damage 4 times.
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