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  • Primary Stat: STR, health points
  • Attribute: Dark Physical
  • Equip: 2H Sword

Loosely based on berserker MapleStory/Warrior class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10200031 Dark Aura Harness your dark power. Lv0 Always on. Restores 10 spirit every sec. Grants Dark Aura when you attack. Dark Aura stacks once per sec up to 10, and each stack increases spirit regen by 1.
10200091 X Slash Swing your greatsword as you charge forward, attacking and evading at the same time. Lv0 Cooldown 0.4 sec. Deals 75% damage 2 times. Grants knockback immunity.
10200001 Raging Slash Swing your sword to deal dark damage. Lv12 Cooldown 0.4 sec. Deals 56% damage. Hold down the skill key to attack repeatedly. Press any direction key to move while attacking.
10200041 Void Slash Swing your greatsword to deal dark damage. Lv10 Cooldown 0.7 sec. Spirit 24. Deals 257% damage. Hold down the key to make follow-up attacks for 11 spirit. Each follow-up deals 97% damage 2 times.
10200071 Dark Breaker Gather dark power into your greatsword and strike down with great force. Lv22 4+Raging Slash 3+Void Slash & 10 stacks of Dark Aura Cooldown 0.45sec. Requires 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Deals 357% damage. Deals 148% damage 5 times within the area. Grants knockback immunity.
10200151 Warrior's Instinct Surrender yourself to your natural combat instinct. Lv34 6+Void Slash 5+Dark Breaker Always on. Increases physical resistance by 15 and piercing by 1%
10200011 Death Spin Spin your greatsword, dealing dark damage. Lv12 Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 4. Deals 69% damage. Press any direction key to move while attacking.
10200021 Ground Breaker Smash your greatsword into the ground. Lv19 4+Raging Slash 3+Death Spin. Cooldown 0.45 sec. Spirit 40. Deals 218% damage. Damage increases by 16% per stack of Dark Aura. Grants knockback immunity.
10200131 Dark Might Temporarily amplify Dark Aura to strengthen yourself. Lv40 6+Raging Slash 6+Ground Breaker & 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Cooldown 30 sec. Requires 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Increases attack speed, physical attack and magic attack by 16% for 10 sec. While active, your attacks restore 1 spirit.
10200051 Bloodlust Thrust your dark-imbued greatsword to deal damage and steal health. Lv13 2+Raging Slash Cooldown 8 sec. Deals 129% damage 2 times. The second attack restores 7% of your max health. The first attack is always a critical hit. Heal effect is halved in battlegrounds and arenas.
10200081 Adrenaline Rush Your Dark Aura goes crazy as you're pushed into a corner. Lv25 4+Bloodlust Always on. When health is 60% or less, regenerate 1 spirit per sec. When health is 45% or less, regenerate 2 spirit per second. When health is 30% or less, regenerate 3 spirit per sec.
10200141 Blood Price Darkness fuels you, increasing your damage by sacrificing your health. Lv31 6+Bloodlust 2+Adrenaline Cooldown 60 sec. Increases damage by 5%. When you attack, you take damage equal to 1% of your health. (Only when health is more than 25%)
10200101 Inhuman Endurance Dire conditions strengthen your resolve. Lv43 3+Adrenaline Rush 1+Blood Price Always on. Increases physical resistance and magic resistance by 100 when health is 30% or less.
10200121 Greatsword Mastery Ten's lessons increase your skill with a greatsword. Lv16 3+Raging Slash Always on. Increases weapon attack by 1% when a greatsword is equipped.
10200061 Intimidation Overhelm enermies with a show of force, making them lose the will to fight. Lv28 4+Greatsword Mastery Cooldown 16 sec. Deals 121% damage and inflicts intimidation. Becomes Improved Intimidation when you have 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Intimidation decreases physical attack, magic attack, movement speed, and jump power by 9%. Some powerful enermies are immune.
10200111 Deep Wounds Your attacks cut deep. Lv37 6+Greatsword Mastery 4+Intimidation Always on. Critical hits inflict Deep Wounds, dealing 4% damage per sec for 10 sec.
10200161 Earthquake Drive your greatsword into the ground to cause an earthquake. Lv46 2+Deep Wounds Cooldown 60 sec. Deals 298% damage 5 times. The earthquake takes up an area of 9 squares, centred on you.
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