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  • Primary Stat: DEX
  • Attribute: Fire Lightning Physical
  • Equip: Cannon

Alike to the gunners MapleStory/Pirate class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10600071 Reload Cycle through the cannon's ammo canisters. Lv0 Activate to use. Restores 100 spirit.
10600081 Jet Boots Rocket forward with your jet boots, triggering a shockwave in your wake. Lv0 Cooldown 0.6 sec. Deals 120% damage.
10600101 Bullet Spray Fire a tightly concentrated barrage of bullets. Lv10 Cooldown 0.75 sec. Deals 39% damage per hit.
10600001 Gatling Fire Fire wildly as the cannon's barrel spins. Lv10 Cooldown 0.75 sec. Spirit 5. Deals 44% damage per bullet.
10600021 Lock-on Fire a davastating precision attack. Lv19 4+Bullet Spray 3+Gatling Fire Cooldown 12 sec. Spirit 15. Deals 446% damage. Pierces enemies. Hits up to 8 targets.
10600111 Advanced Bullets Upgrade to high performance bullets. Lv31 5+Gatling Fire 4+Lock-on Always on. Increases damage of Bulley Spray, Gatling Fire, and Lock-on by 1.5%.
10600061 Magnetic Bomb Launch a bomb that creates a gravitational anomaly, pulling in nearby enermies. Lv13 2+Bullet Spray Cooldown 10 sec. Spirit 20. Deals 165% damage. Reduces the targets's movement speed by 3%.
10600041 Electric Blast Charge the compact particle accelerator on your cannon to fire a concentrated burst of electricity. Lv25 4+Magnetic Bomb Cooldown 16 sec. [Stage1] Deals 455% damage. [Stage2] Deals 455% damage 2 times. [Stage3] Deals 455% damage 3 times. Grants Knockback immunity.
10600151 Advanced Pulse Weapons Upgrade your cannon's magnetic field engine to enhance its output. Lv37 4+Electric Blast Always on. Increases damage of Magnetic Bomb and Electric Blast by 1.5%
10600161 Blast Charge Kit Equip your cannon with a blast charge kit to optimize Electric Blast's efficiency. Lv46 4+Electric Blast Always on. Increases Rapid-fire Electric Blast damage by 1.5%
10600011 Rocket Launcher Fire a missle at the closest enermy in front of you. Scorches the ground, inflicting additional damage over time. Lv10 Cooldown 12 sec. Spirit 20. Deals 152% damage on missile impact. Detonates on impact for an additional 167% damage. Scorches the ground dealing 51% damage per tick for 3 sec.
10600031 Homing Missiles Fire homing missiles at your foes. Lv22 4+Rocket Launcher Cooldown 10 sec. Spirit 15. Fires 3 homing missles which each deal 88% damage.
10600121 M-Bomb Call down a high-tech bomb in front of you that detonates twice. Lv34 5+Homing Missiles Cooldown 30 sec. Spirit 15. Detonates, dealing 174% damage, and again for 376% damage.
10600141 Advanced Missiles Upgrade to more devastating missiles. Lv43 4+Homing Missiles Always on. Increases damage of Rocket Launcher, Homing Missiles, and M-bomb by 1.5%
10600051 Stun Grenades Toss 2 grenades in front of you. Lv16 Cooldown 5 sec. Spirit 6. Deals 133% damage, and has a 64% chance to Stun. The explosion has a blast area of 1.5 m. Stunned enermies are unable to act for 1.5 sec.
10600131 Suborbital Bombardment Summon a satellite that periodically fires upon your current closest enemy. Lv28 Cooldown 30 sec. Spirit 20. A satellite follows you for 10 sec, dealing 64% damage pet hit. With Advanced Pulse Weapons unlocked, enermies hit release an electric burst dealing 22% in their vicinity.
10600091 Med Kit Drops a first aid kit that can be picked up after 1 sec. Lv40 Cooldown 20 sec. Restores 400 health.
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