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  • Primary Stat: INT heal
  • Attribute: Holy Magical
  • Equip: Scepter and Codex

Alike to the Priest MapleStory/Magician class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10400111 Steadfast Faith You've been rewarded for your devotion with increased spirit recovery. Lv0 Always on. Recover 8 spirit every 0.5 sec. Recovers an additional 4 spirit if a target is suffering from Celestial Light.
10400151 Heavenly Wings Spread your wings of light and soar forward, healing yourself and an ally and granting a boost to speed. Lv0 Cooldown 0.5 sec. Increases movement speed by 20% for 5 sec and heals for 90% of your magic attack. Grants knockback immunity.
10400001 Celestial Light Strike enermies with holy light. Lv10 Cooldown 0.6 sec. Deals 53% damage. Deals an additional attack for 4% holy damage per sec for 8 sec.
10400011 Holy Blast An erruption of holy power deals damage and knocks enemies back by 0.5m. Lv10 Cooldown 0.55 sec. Spirit 16. Deals 147% holy damage to enermies within 3 m. Deals an additional 71% holy damage around enermies inflicted with Celestial Light.
10400041 Shield of the Archon Conjure a shield of judgement to defend yourself and damage nearby enermies. Lv19 3+Celestial Light 3+Holy Blast Cooldown 18 sec. Increases physical and magic resistance by 165 for 5 sec. Deals 80% holy damage to surrounding enermies.
10400031 Holy Relic Place a holy relic to damage your enemies. Lv28 3+Shield of the Archon Cooldown 15 sec. Deals 174% holy damage to surrounding targets. Knocks targets back 1 m and reduces their stamina to 0.
10400071 Healing Prayer Through prayer, heal yourself and your allies. Lv10 Cooldown 0.6 sec. Spirit 15. Heals for 160% of your magic attack.
10400101 Scourging Wave Blast enemies with holy power. Lv22 2+Healing Prayer Activate to use. Spirit 18. Deals 200% holy damage. Hold down the skill key to keep casting.
10400061 Sanctuary Create an area of sacred ground. Lv31 3+Healing Prayer 3+Scourging Wave Cooldown 40 sec. Deals 227% damage per sec for 10 sec to enemies within the 5-tile cross. Heals allies by 60% of your magic attack per sec for 10 sec.
10400121 Smithing Aura Damage and weaken enemies with holy power. Lv40 4+Celestial Light 3+Sanctuary Activate to use. Deals 124% damage. Increases damage taken by the target by 1%
10400021 Scepter Mastery You're proficient with a scepter. Lv13 Always on. Increases weapon attack by 1% when you have a scepter equipped.
10400141 Healing Mastery Your experience in combat increases the amount of health and spirit restored through recovery skills. Lv37 4+Scepter Mastery Always on. Increases health and spirit restored through recovery skills by 4%. Natural regeneration rates are not affected.
10400161 Angelic Ray Fire a beam of holy light, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies. Lv46 Cooldown 10 sec. Spirit 30. Deals 662% holy damage to enemies. Heals allies by 365% of your magic attack.
10400081 Celestial Guardian Summons a little angel. Lv16 Cooldown 30 sec. Spirit 45. Increase magic attack by 2% for 30 sec while the angel is present and you have a codex equipped.
10400091 Celestial Blessings Your guardian angel blesses your allies. Lv25 3+Celestial Guardian Cooldown 11 sec. Spirit 45. Increases physical and magic attack by 1% for 10 sec. Heals by 320% of your magic attack. Can only be used when your angel is present.
10400051 Holy Symbol Place a holy symbol on the ground to bless your allies. Lv34 6+Celestial Guardian 3+Celestial Blessings Cooldown 360 sec. Restores 1 spirit per sec, increased physical and magic damage and attack speed by 1%, and increases accuracy by 1 for 10 sec. The blessing has a 3 min cooldown.
10400131 A divine aura permeates your body, increasing the duration of certain skills. Lv43 6+Celestial Blessings 4+Holy Symbol Always on Increases the duration of Celestial Guardian, Celestial Blessing and Holy Symbol buffs by 30%
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