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  • Primary Stat: LUK speed evasion
  • Attribute: Poison Physical
  • Equip: 1HDagger

Alike to the Bandit MapleStory/Thief class in original MapleStory.

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ID Skill Requirements Information on usage, cooldown and point values
10700061 Spirit Thief Steal spirit from an enemy. Lv0 Always on. Restores 4 spirit for all attacks that hit.
10700041 Mind Stealer Nimbly dash forward, dealing damage and absorbing spirit. Lv0 Cooldown 3 sec. Deals 40% damage and absorbs 10 spirit per enemy hit.
10700001 Double Slash Quickly stab with your daggers. Lv10 Cooldown 0.45 sec. Deals 31% damage 2 times. 7% chance to grant Cunning. Cunning increases movement speed by 30% and enhances some skills.
10700011 Poison Edge Swing your poison-coated daggers. Lv10 Cooldown 0.4 sec. Spirit 10. Deals 68% damage. Keep pressing the key to perform additional attacks. Your 5th consecutive strike deals 72% damage. Press any directional key to move while attacking. Empowered while Cunning is active.
10700111 Poison Vial Throw a vial of poison. Lv16 3+Poison Slash 3+Poison Edge Cooldown 0.65 sec. Spirit 15. Deals 45% area damage and Deals 35% damage per sec.
10700091 Surprise Attack Stab enemies in front of you. Lv31 6+Poison Edge 4+Poison Vial Cooldown 6 sec. Deals 101% damage. Empowered while Cunning is active. On striking an enemy poisoned by Poison Edge or Poison Vial, consumes poisons. Deals an additional attack for 313% damage for each poison stack removed.
10700151 Ruthless Guile Prey on the weaknesses of your enemy. Lv40 6+Poison Vial 6+Poison Edge Always on. Your attacks deal an additional 2% damage to enemies afflicted by Poison Edge or Poison Vial.
10700141 Cunning Use the tricks of the trade to fight dirty. Lv19 Cooldown 23 sec. Restores 20 spirit. Grants Cunning. Cunning increases movement speed by 30% and enhances some skills.
10700031 Blade Dance Perform a spinning slash. Lv28 2+ Cunning Tactics. Cooldown 0.65 sec. Spirit 26. Deals 42%, 42% and 56% damage. Empowered when Cunning is active. Using Blade Dance's empowered form causes you to ignore enemy accuracy, granting an 81% chance to evade enemy attacks. If Retaliation activates, this effect's duration is extended by 5%.
10700101 Retaliation Deftly dodge an attack and position yourself for counterattack. Lv37 2+Blade Dance Always on. Upon evading an attack, restores 12 spirit, increased physical attack and magic attack by 4.5%, and increases evasion by 6. Activates at most once per sec.
10700051 Somersault Kick Perform a somersault kick. Lv10 Cooldown 6 sec. Deals 238% damage. Empowered when Cunning is active. Reduces enemy movement speed by 30% and jump power by 30%.
10700121 Mind Breaker Empowers Mind Stealer when unlocked. Lv13 Always on. Increases damage of Mind Stealer by 50%.
10700021 Vicious Cuts Quickly stab with your daggers. Lv22 2+Somersault Kick 2+Mind Breaker Cooldown 0.5 sec. Spirit 28. Deals 35% damage 5 times. Empowered while Cunning is active.
10700081 Haste Your movements mimic the wind. Lv34 3+Mind Breaker 3+Vicious Cuts Cooldown 60 sec. Consumes 4 spirit every 0.5 sec. Increases attack speed and movement speed by 13%, and increases physical attack by 8%.
10700071 Deft Combatant Intense training has honed your body, increasing the damage output of some skills. Lv43 5+Vicious Cuts 3+Haste Always on. Increases damage of Vicious Cuts and Somersault Kick by 1%.
10700131 Quick Step Dash backward and recover your energy. Lv25 Cooldown 0.25 sec. Restores 1 spirit.
10700161 Mesoguard Plus Shield yourself with mesos. Lv46 2+Quick Step Cooldown 60 sec. Consumes 777 mesos. Grants a shield that lasts for 4 sec and reduces damage taken by 26%. Only usable with sufficient mesos. If Cunning is active, the skill is empowered and costs no mesos.
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