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Ores in this game are basic ingredients for making equipment. These are dropped by some monster and can also be traded with three different people in exchange for certain monster drops. The three NPCs are Blackbull in Perion, Ericsson in Orbis, and Broker Han in Magatia. The exchange rate is always three ores per the fifty asked items. Unlike in the original MapleStory, ores already come refined.

Name Description Dropped by Ingredients NPC
Bronze This is used to craft a item. Dark Axe Stump, Horned Mushrooms, Zombie Mushroom, Evil Eye, Curse Eye, Pink Tanny, Fire Sentinel, Dark Pepe, Homun, Reinforced Mithril, Firebomb, Skeleton Rookie, Skeleton Soldier 50 Cold Eye Tails Blackbull
Gold This is used to craft a item. Cerebes, Neo Huroid, Reinforced Iron, Minor Zombie, Coolie Zombie, Blue Firebomb 50 Sockets Broker Han
Silver This is used to craft a item. Jr. Pepe, White Fang, Dark Jr. Yeti 50 Dark Pepe Beaks Ericsson
Steel This is used to craft a item. Cellion, Lioner, Lucinda, Jr. Yeti 50 Star Pixie's Starpieces Ericsson
Amethyst This is used to craft a item. Cold Eye, Brown Tanny, Sentinel 50 Teddy's Yellow Ribbon Ericsson
Black Crystal This is used to craft a item. Slime, Axe Stump, Pig, Blue Mushroom, Ribbon Pig, Dark Stump 50 Blue Mushroom Caps Blackbull
Diamond This is used to craft a item. Jr. Cerebes, Dark Jr. Cerebes, Bain 50 Jr. Cerebes Teeth Broker Han
Emerald This is used to craft a item. Sheep, Cube Slime, Rumo, Mithril Mutae 50 Mithril Fragments Broker Han
Opal This is used to craft a item. Star Pixies, Luster Pixies, Ice Sentinel, Hector, Blue Cube Slime 50 White Fang Tails Ericsson
Topaz This is used to craft a item. Orange Mushroom, Green Mushroom, Stump, Octopus, Panda Teddy 50 Axes Blackbull

Monster pieces[edit]

Name Description Sell Value
Blue Snail Shell Shell of Blue Snail 4 Meso
Red Snail Shell Shell of Red Snail 4 Meso
Tree Branch Tree Branch of Stump 4 Meso
Octopus Leg A leg of Octopus 5 Meso
Squishy Liquid Squishy Liquid of Slime 6 Meso
Pig's Head Head of Pig 5 Meso
Leaf Green leaf of Dark Stump 4 Meso
Firewood Prime firewood of Dark Axe Stump 5 Meso
Axe A prime axe of Dark Axe Stump 5 Meso
Pig's Ribbon A ribbon of Ribbon Pig 5 Meso
Orange Mushroom Cap A cap of Orange Mushroom 5 Meso
Horned Mushroom Cap A cap of Horned Mushroom 6 Meso
Green Mushroom Cap A cap of Green Mushroom 5 Meso
Blue Mushroom Cap A cap of Blue Mushroom 5 Meso
Charm of the Undead A charm from Zombie Mushrooms 7 Meso
Evil Eye Tail Tail of Evil Eye 7 Meso
Curse Eye Tail Tail of Curse Eye 7 Meso
Cold Eye Tail Tail of Cold Eye 7 Meso
Star Pixie's Starpiece Twinkling starpiece of Star Pixie 8 Meso
Lunar Pixie's Moonpiece Lucky moonpiece of Lunar Pixie 8 Meso
Luster Pixie's Sunpiece Hot sunpiece of Luster Pixie 8 Meso
Teddy's Cotton Cotton of Brown Teddy 7 Meso
Teddy's Yellow Ribbon Yellow Ribbon of Pink Teddy 7 Meso
Panda Doll Panda Doll of Panda Teddy 8 Meso
Cellion Tail Tail of Cellion 8 Meso
Lioner Tail Tail of Lioner 8 Meso
Grupin Tail Tail of Grupin 8 Meso
Lucida Tail Tail of Lucida 8 Meso
Sentinel Shellpiece Sentinel Shellpiece 9 Meso
Ice Sentinel Shellpiece Ice Sentinel Shellpiece 9 Meso
Fire Sentinel Shellpiece Fire Sentinel Shellpiece 9 Meso
Jr. Pepe's Fish Jr. Pepe likes this fish. 10 Meso
Jr. Yeti Skin Tough skin of Jr. Yeti Skin 11 Meso
Yeti Horn Horn of Yeti 12 Meso
Hector Tail Tail of Hector 10 Meso
White Fang Tail Tail of White Fang 10 Meso
Pepe Beak Sharp beak of Pepe 11 Meso
Dark Pepe Beak Sharp beak of Dark Pepe 11 Meso
Dark Yeti Horn Horn of Dark Yeti Unknown
Dark Jr. Yeti Skin Tough skin of Dark Jr. Yeti 13 Meso
Sheep Furball Sheep's warm furball 15 Meso
Black Furball Black sheep's warm furball 17 Meso
Coolie Zombie Tooth White tooth of Coolie Zombie 15 Meso
Minor Zombie Gold Tooth A sparkling gold tooth of Minor Zombie 16 Meso
Jr. Cerebes Tooth Sharp tooth of Jr. Cerebes 16 Meso
Firebomb Flame Flame of Firebomb 17 Meso
Blue Firebomb Flame Flame of Blue Firebomb 17 Meso
Cerebes Bone Cerebes likes this bone 18 Meso
Bain's Spiky Collar Spiky Collar of Bain 19 Meso
Mithril Fragment Mithril Fragment of Mithril Mutae 100 Meso
Strengthened Mithril Fragment Strengthened Mithril Fragment of Strengthened Mithril Mutae 100 Meso
Strengthened Steel Fragment Strengthened Steel Fragment of Strengthened Iron Mutae 100 Meso
Socket 110V Socket of Neo Huroid 13 Meso
Gelatin Squishy gelatin of Cube Slime 12 Meso
Flask A prime flask of Rumos 11 Meso
Beaker A prime beaker of Homun 12 Meso


Name Description Price Sell Value
Red Potion Recover HP+50 15 Meso 5 Meso
White Potion Recover HP+300 100 Meso 20 Meso
Unagi Recover HP+1000 350 Meso 80 Meso
Blue Potion Recover MP+100 30 Meso 10 Meso
Mana Elixir Recover MP+300 100 Meso 30 Meso
Pure Water Recover MP+800 280 Meso 50 Meso
Elixir Recover 50% of HP and MP 600 Meso 150 Meso
Power Elixir Recover 100% of HP and MP 1300 Meso 300 Meso

Quest items[edit]

Name Description
Lucky Charm Nobody knows this brings lucky.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Secret Letter Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Supplies Supplies to bring to Miner
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Golden Powder Quest Item
Rose This rose is good for confessing one's love.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Forest of Life A Forest of Life
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Ant Tunnel Pass Show this to the security guard, then you can go to Ant Tunnel
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Festival Invitation Invitation of Maple World Festival
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Necklace Ayan's father gave this necklace.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Alchemist's Mirror Alchemist's Mirror
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Blueprint for New Robot Blueprint of Humanoid
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Book of Secrets Book of secrets for becoming a human
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Letter This is a glad and treasured letter.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Zenumist Membership Card Membership card for Jenumist Members
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Alchadeno Membership Card Membership card for Alchadeno Members
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Skill Book Show this to Darklord, then you can learn ultimate skills.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Medicine This is medicine for Master in danger. Let's go to Perion.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Human Body Ductility Research Data Alchester researched this data about human body ductility.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Humanoid's Heart Warm heart of Humanoid
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Mithril Fragment Scrap Scrap of Mithril fragment
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Special Driver Driver for taking the heart of Humanoid out
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Metal Material This metal material is ambitious work of Jenumist.
Quest Item (Cannot sell)
Some Human Body Ductility Data A part of damaged data about human body ductility
Quest Item

Enchantment Scrolls[edit]

Name Description Price Town
Weapon Enchantment Scroll Strengthen Weapon Attack+2, Accuracy+1 500 Meso Kerning City
Armor Enchantment Scroll Strengthen Armor Defense+2, HP+50 500 Meso Perion
Helmet Enchantment Scroll Strengthen Helmet Accuracy+2, Avoidability+1 400 Meso Henesys
Shoes Enchantment Scroll Strengthen Shoes Avoidability+2, Accuracy+1 300 Meso Tunnel Ant Park
Earrings Enchantment Scroll Strengthen Earrings HP+30, MP+50 Minnor Zombie N/A

Return Scrolls[edit]

Name Description
Return Scroll to Nearest Town Move to the nearest safe village.
Return Scroll to Kerning City Move to Kerning City.
Return Scroll to Perion Move to Perion.
Return Scroll to Henesys Move to Henesys.
Return Scroll to Ant Tunnel Move to Ant Tunnel.
Return Scroll to Orbis Move to Orbis.
Return Scroll to Magatia Move to Magatia.
Return Scroll to El Nath Move to El Nath.
Return Scroll to Abandoned Mine Move to Abandoned Mine.


Name Description
Dry Treat Tasty feed for Pigmy
Initialize SP Initialize your SP.
SP Marble SP+1 Increase SP+1.
XP 40% Increase Increase XP 40% instantly.
XP 80% Increase Increase XP 80% instantly.