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The game starts out in a tutorial that teaches the player all the controls and basic concepts of the game.


Robin is the main character of the game and the one that the player controls.

Robin is a boy who has the unique dream of becoming the greatest thief in the known Maple World. He is very determined and has great potential. Although at first he is just an over-hyped arrogant rogue, he eventually learns great skills and does a great good for the world. His master is MacArthur, who is the only person who believed in him. At the level of ten, he went to the Dark Lord in Kerning City and was given a small challenge. Once he completed it, he was knighted as an official thief. He has taken a great journey to reach what he would become. In fact, he explored two other continents excluding his home town's island, Ossyria and Magatia.


The menu is accessed by pressing the briefcase in the upper right corner of the screen and consists of the following tabs.


Displays an overview of your character and his stats. There are no stat points that you place in this game, all the stats increase as you level.


This tab contains all your items except for equipment. Here you can use potions and scroll by double tapping them. You can also set potions to the shortcut keys on the right by first selecting the item and then pressing one of the four slots on the right. There is no way to rearrange and are placed in the order they are gotten. You can remove items by selecting them and then tapping the bin in the lower left.


Here all the items that can be equipped are displayed. You equip an item by double tapping it or by tapping the item and then the corresponding slot above. Selecting an item will show its stats if an item is already equipped in the corresponding slot a comparison arrow may be shown if the stats are different. The selected items stat is followed by a red arrow if the selected items stat is lower than the equipped one and a blue arrow if it is better. Like with items, equipment can be discarded by using the bin.


On this tab you distribute skill points that you acquire by leveling up. You place a skill point in a skill by tapping the plus-sign following the skill. Skills can be placed as shortcuts in the same way as for potions, this only applies to active and buffering skills, not passive. Active and buffers can also be used directly by double tapping them. Read more about the different skills on the skill page.


Displays a list of your current quests with the main quest up top. The main quest is the current quest in the main story line that you have to complete to advance the story. You can tap each quest to view the request to fulfill that quest.


Brings up the following four items.


Saves the game in the current state. The game cannot be saved during a boss stage or during a jump quest. It is also auto saved when the player uses an enchantment scroll or crafts an item.


Here you can select what sound you hear, the speed of the game, how movement works and if you want vibration feedback.


Displays the following screen, it is also available from the main menu.
Interface screenshot

Main Menu[edit]

Returns to the main menu without saving.


During the loading screen short tips are displayed. They are collected here for convenience.

  • Create your own item through Smith in Kerning City.
  • Job advancement is possible at levels 10, 30, and 60.
  • Meet Dark Lord in Kerning City for job advancement.
  • Scrolls can be used in the Item Inventory.
  • The book icon means you completed a quest.
  • The bulb icon means you have a quest available.
  • The game cannot be saved during boss stages.
  • The game is easier if you set shortcuts for consumable items and skills.
  • Throwing stars can be refilled at stores.
  • To continue the game, please complete the main quest.
  • You can change movement keys from the 'Settings' menu.
  • You can learn new skills after job advancement.
  • You cannot attack without a weapon equipped.
  • You cannot use throwing stars without a wristband equipped.
  • You need SP to learn skills.
  • You obtain SP every time you level up starting from level 10.