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A Map of Magatia

Magatia is the name of both a continent and a town which lies within the continent. Magatia is a town nestled in the middle of a desert. Its map formation is a linear town with two main buildings. Each building has two paths that may be taken that lead to a second map.


Magatia is a democracy based town ruled by an unnamed president, and the vice president Alacaster. (Alacaster is not in Magatia, he is in El Nath of Ossyria.) It is famous for its use of alchemy. Their alchemy is divided into two factions, Zenumist and Alcado. Zenumist attempts to perform alchemy by fusing magic and science. Alcado also attempts to perform alchemy by fusing magic and science, but also adds the use of technology. Long ago, the evil lord disappeared from the continent of Ossyria. The town of Magatia is a pioneer town built to attempt to stop the evil lord's return. One day, the Zenumist created a new life form, the Homunscullo. The Homunscullo was a failure of an attempt to bring a dead body back to life. The Homunscullo was then corrupted by a witch named Malady. The Homunscullo tricked a Humanoid robot from the Alcado into giving him a Herb of Life and Potion of Life. In return, he would make him human. (The Herb of Life can be obtained in Orbis's Black Garden region, and the Potion of Life is an artifact owned by the Zenumist.) The Humanoid gave the requested items to Homunscullo, but Homunscullo did not turn the Humanoid into Human. He instead claimed that robots may not become Human. The Zenumists blamed the Alcado for stealing the Potion of Life from them without knowing of what occurred. The Alcado claimed that the Zenumists lied. This started a rivalry between the two. Malady told the Homunscullo that the ingredients the Humanoid obtained would be used to revive the evil lord.


  • Broker Han
  • Pirate
  • Zenumist President (Laboratory 1st Fl. Hall)
  • Alcadno President (Center Gate)
  • Humanoid (Laboratory)
  • Magatia Village
  • Laboratory 1st Fl. Hall
  • Underground Library
  • Library Storage
  • Zenumist Laboratory Room 101
  • Zenumist Laboratory Room 102
  • Center Gate
  • Alcadno B-1 Area
  • Laboratory
  • Alcadno A-1 Area
  • Alcadno C-1 Area