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Stage 1: Railroad Town[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage1.gif
Pulley attack

The first stage takes place in Railroad Town, which naturally features a train in the background. Nyamco appears dressed as a train conductor. There are two methods to attack the Guchi gang in this stage. One is by using the pulleys that are found on the right side of certain platforms. By jumping up and grabbing one, Mappy will slide along to the left and kick any cats that he comes in contact with along the way. The other method is to create a puff of smoke by jumping near the train's steam whistle. The cloud will appear and travel to the left, killing any cat that gets hit by it.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage1a.gif
Smoke attack

In the third and fourth worlds, Mappy must enter the second coach car of the train in order to collect the ticket that is contained inside. Without the ticket, the Nyamco at the end of the stage will not let him pass on to the next stage.

Stage 2: Western World[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage2.gif
Punching bag

The second stage takes place in Western World. Nyamco is dressed up like a cowboy with a bandanna over his face to hide his identity. Like the previous stage, you have two ways to attack the Guchi gang members. The first is to use the assorted punching bags that are distributed around the stage. Jumping up and hitting them will cause them to swing back and forth. Any cat who is hit by them will be knocked off the stage. The second method is to utilize the cannon on the left side of the stage. You can fire the cannon by standing in front of the cannon's left side and jumping. The cannon will fire a large bullet that will kill any cat that it comes in contact with.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage2a.gif
Cannon attack

The inside of the bar will only come into play on the fourth and final world. Mappy will be unable to escape from the final Western World unless he enters the bar, and collects the map hidden inside.

Stage 3: Tropical World[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage3.gif
Bomb attack

Tropical world features a native tropical village with totem poles, huts, and torch lamps. Nyamco will be dressed up much like an island native. In this nighttime world, you will only have one method of attack to remove the cats, and those are the bombs which are perched on the underside of many platforms. Mappy can jump up to drop the bombs onto the platforms underneath. The bomb will sit and wait for a cat to cross it's path, and then explode, sending the cat rocketing up to the sky above, and exploding in a dazzling fireworks display.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage3a.gif

Mappy must explore the inside of the hut every time that he visits Tropical World after the first time. Inside, he much collect the torch that awaits him on the alter, in order to be permitted to advance to the next stage. Additionally, in the third world, there are two exits from the hut, and Mappy must use the higher exit. This will instantly transport him to the cave which serves as the alternate stage of Jungle World.

Stage 4: Jungle World[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage4.gif
Fruit attack

Jungle World is probably the most difficult stage compared to all of the others. In Jungle World, Mappy doesn't move from platform to platform via ladders and trampolines. Instead, many of the trampolines move in set patterns, and the only other means of travel besides the ground are the vines which hang from the top of the screen. Jungle World also features two unique enemies, the parrot and piranhas. The parrot will slowly fly from one end of the stage to the other, veering up and down slightly, but never changing speeds. While fish normally jump out of the water, which you can collect and later use against the Guchi gang, piranhas are also known to jump out of the water and attack Mappy. Nyamco appears in this stage, still dressed as an island native, but none of the Meowkies appear. The only means of attacking in this stage are through the use of fruit which is hidden near the top of certain vines. You cannot see the fruit, but it will drop when you pass along the top of the correct vine.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage4a.gif

The cave is also an unusual alternate stage. You will actually find yourself here for the first time when you leave the alternate stage of Tropical World in World 3. You must collect the clover from the cave, and then proceed to collect the remaining six items from Jungle World. However, in World 4, you will collect the items first, as usual, and then enter through an opening in a bush to collect the clover before progressing.

Stage 5: Pirate World[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage5.gif
Bomb attack

Pirate World returns to the usual stage presentation with platforms. Naturally, it takes place on a pirate ship. You will have to avoid the Guchi gang throughout the ship, including Nyamco who is dressed up as a Sailor. There is only one method to attack on this stage. Mappy can make use of the bars that are suspended from certain platforms. When he jumps up and grabs them, he rapidly twirls around them, kicking off the cats that appear below and above him. You can press down to end the attack as soon as you like, or you can wait until he ends the attack on his own.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage5a.gif

Mappy must visit the ship hold in order to escape from Pirate World, but only in his fourth and final visit. Inside, he must collect the pliers which will grant him the ability to exit the stage and move on to Ghost Town.

Stage 6: Ghost Town[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage6.gif
Sunlight attack

Ghost Town, like Jungle World, is a bit of a departure from the usual stage layout. There are no platforms and ladders. All that Mappy can use to ascend off the ground is a helium balloon. Once he jumps up and grabs the balloon, he can float wherever he likes around the stage. However, ghost cats will appear to attack him, and they will be lead by a floating mummy Nyamco. However, also unlike most stages, Mappy can attack his enemies through the use of a sonic gun that fires a short range blast. Not only that, Mappy must also collect keys instead of the usual item for each World. Once he has obtained all six keys, he must visit one of the two buildings in Ghost Town, either the Church or the Mansion. In each visit to Ghost Town, Mappy can shoot a particularly large star, which will cause the sun to rise and temporarily vanquish every enemy on the stage. The sun appears in a different location with each visit.

Alternate stages[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage6b.gif
Mappy-Land Stage6c.gif

In the first and fourth worlds, Mappy will be required to collect a cross from the Church. Enter the church doorway after all six keys are collected, and grab the cross to scare away Vampire Nyamco who awaits you at the end of the stage. Mappy must instead visit the Mansion in the second and third worlds of the game. The Mansion is extremely reminiscent of the original Mappy game, but it contains many doorways, and Vampire Nyamco waits stationary in the middle of the screen. To exit the Mansion, Mappy must find a way to access the door that appears above Nyamco.

Stage 7: Seventh Ave.[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage7.gif
Sunlight attack

The seventh stage takes place on Seventh Avenue. In this very civilized part of Mappy-Land, Mappy must collect items that are scattered throughout town. Nyamco seems to be wearing a suit, adding a touch of class to his appearance. There are two methods of attacking cats in this stage. The most apparent one are the rods that hang from various locations around the platforms. If Mappy jumps up and hits one as a cat is walking on top of it, the cat will be sent flying. The other method is to jump in front of the sign which says "Restaurant," which will make a large Italian Tomato sign appear. While the sign is present, all of the cats will dance around, and Mappy can pass through them harmlessly.

Alternate stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage7a.gif

After you escape from the Mansion in World 2, you will find yourself here at the start of the stage. You must first collect the trumpet and then exit the building to collect the six items as normal. In World 4, you must first collect the items, and then enter the second building from the left to collect the trumpet.

Stage 8: Milky Town[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage8.gif

Milky Town actually takes place in front of large castle. It is usually divided in two halves, with an open portion down the middle. Once you collect all six items from the stage, you must fall down this central shaft in order to enter the inside of the castle. There is only one method to attack in this stage. It comes in the form of the large cannonballs that are attached to the bottoms of certain platforms. If Mappy jumps up to touch one, it will fall to the ground and immediately begin rolling to the right. It will knock out any cat that it bowls over on its way across the platform.

Final stage[edit]

Mappy-Land Stage8a.gif

To complete each World, Mappy must enter the inside of the castle and collect six more items before arriving at Mapico or his son's location in the upper-right portion of the stage. During this final stage, there will be no enemies attacking you. However, you will be timed. If you collect the six items too slowly or skip one of the items, Mapico (or Mappy's son) will complain that you are too late, and you will be forced to repeat the stage. However, there is no penalty for this (such as the loss of a life). If you complete the stage in time, you will be presented with a different ending for each world before earning a 10,000 point bonus and advancing to the next world.