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Mario's Time Machine (NES)
Box artwork for Mario's Time Machine (NES).
Developer(s)Radical Entertainment
Release date(s)
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Genre(s)Education, Platform
Preceded byMario is Missing
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This guide is for the NES port. For the original version of this game for MS-DOS and SNES, see Mario's Time Machine.

Mario's Time Machine is an educational platformer originally released for MS-DOS and then for the NES and SNES. The Software Toolworks both developed and published the MS-DOS and Super NES versions in 1993, while the NES version was developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Nintendo in 1994. The MS-DOS version was re-released as Mario's Time Machine Deluxe in 1996.

Mario's Time Machine is one of several educational Mario video games that were released during the early 1990s; the game focuses on teaching human history. While the gameplay and engine varies between the three different versions, the story is roughly the same: the player assumes the role of Mario, who uses a time machine to return various artifacts, which had been stolen by Bowser, to their correct points in time.

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