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Princess Shroob[edit]

  • HP: 3000

This is the one of the final bosses of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. If you are not adequately leveled up or stocked with items this can be a tough battle. She starts out on her throne hovering above the battlefield, with a shield surrounding her. The first thing you need to do is disable this shield. I have found using a trampoline is most effective in doing this. Though it may take more than one if you are not an expert at it. Once her shield is down the throne will descend to the back of the battlefield and Princess Shroob will jump off. At this point she will throw some attacks your way. There are 2 attacks. In the first, she teleports in front of Luigi, in front of Mario, between the two or above each one and throws damaging bubbles at you. If you land on them in the process of dodging them you are fine, but if you are hit with one you may become poisoned. Her next attack is a bit more difficult. She brings in a star and aims it in front of Mario or Luigi. It will go under them, continue above and under them, in revolutions of increasing speed. To stop this berserk star you will have to perfectly time a jump to land on it or get hit by it. If you are unlucky enough to get hit by it, one of your stats may be lowered, such as your power. Once you have knocked off about half her Hp she will enter her berserk mode. In this state of being she dishes out attack after attack in continuous succession, as with her throne. Her throne attacks can be pretty nasty. The first throne attack two lasers emerge from the bottom of her throne. They quickly move up and down and stop pointing up or down. If it aims downward, jump. If it aims up don't jump, or you will get hit. In her second throne attack her throne rises and shoots back, disappearing from the battle field. The throne then returns on three legs. The throne then jumps over to you. It lands with you safely between it's three legs. You are not really safe. The throne then launches laser rings downward toward and over Mario or Luigi. As the ring nears their feet it begins to shrink. To avoid damage just jump as soon as the rings are halfway down either brothers' body. Once this attack is down the throne then launches another attack. It lowers onto the brothers, causing them damage. The princess laughs before the throne lowers, then it will pause before it lowers onto the brothers. To avoid this attack hit the throne with the babies' hammers. The battle continues on this way until you obliterate all of Princess Shroob's HP. You think it's over now right? You think that was the last boss? WRONG!

After you defeat Princess Shroob, Princess Peach reveals the center piece of the cobalt star. She refuses to give it over to Mario, Luigi and the babies to complete the star saying that there is a second Shroob princess, that is trapped in the cobalt star. Just then Baby Bowser jumps in and swipes away the last piece to the cobalt star. The center piece joins the rest of the star and hovers above Baby bowser. The star begins to move around erratically shooting blue lightning bolts down onto Baby Bowser, turning him into a giant purple Shroob mushroom. Princess Peach then explains how she trapped Princess Shroob's twin in the cobalt star, and how she was captured by Princess Shroob. While she is saying all this the Cobalt star is morphing behind them, turning into Princess Shroob's twin. The twin interrupts Peach, exclaiming that thanks to them she escaped the Cobalt star, and that she is going to avenge her sister's death. The platform everyone is standing on then hovers up and shoots into the sky, coming to a stop high above the castle. It is then that The horrible twin engages you into combat.

Elder Princess Shroob[edit]

  • HP: 3500

This ugly behemoth isn't that much harder to defeat than princess shroob. She has a few semi-powerful attacks. The first is where she calls in UFOs. Princess Peach aids you here by giving you a star to slap at one of the UFOs to make the horrible twins attack fail. If you miss, however, she will jump on two UFOs and head to the above of the brothers. She will then fire multiple shots at the brothers. After that assault she will move to the left of the brothers and fire more shots. After that she will go up high and leap of the UFOs creating a shock wave. Her second attack she leaves and returns with a shroobified chain chomp. A UFO will then fly down and circle around Mario and Luigi. The chain chomp will then come after them. You have to jump the chomp as it passes underneath you. It will cycle multiple times until either one of the brothers lands on it. Princess Shroob's twin's third attack is where a couple UFOs bring the evil twin a meteorite. She comes toward you with it. You have to whack as her as many times as you can with your hammer to make her drop it. Her fourth attack is a shoulder ram. She walks over in front of you. You will need to have lightning fast hammer strikes to prevent this attack. If you fail to hit her enough she will jut her shoulder and ram into you with powerful force. Be careful; sometimes she pauses and then hits you. Her final attack is an energy drink attack similar to Swiggler's. A UFO will bring her a glass of green liquid, she drinks it restoring 80 HP, and swats the UFO disdainfully aside. All you have to do is avoid her attacks and chip away at her HP to win this battle. There is a moment where she pauses, as if defeated. Clouds of purple gas erupt from her body as she begins to transform...

Elder Princess Shroob Transformed[edit]

  • HP: 3000 (head), 496 (feet), 248 (tentacles, each), 200 (crown)

Once defeated, the Elder Princess Shroob turns into an ugly beast. Her arms and legs are now tentacles and now have HP of their own. The main thing about this battle is her crown. Her crown has 200 HP. To get to the crown, you have to obliterate all of her legs HP. Once you do that her legs shrink. Now you can work on draining the crown of HP, because if you don't, every one of your attacks to her head (the main part of the monster), will cause only 1 damage, and no more. All the while you're doing this she's throwing attacks your way, which are almost impossible to dodge!


HP:Shroob Spirit must be Defeated to beat Shrowser

To beat Shrowser you must destroy the Transformed Elder Princess Shroob Spirit that Shrowser launches for the entire match. The problem is, you can't attack! Shrowser uses fire that you must hammer at the Spirit. If you do this right, the Shroob Spirit will lose 1/2 of health. The Spirit has 10 HP, which means you will have to damage her 20 times before the spirit is defeated. Once completed, the ending cutscene will follow, then the credits.