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  • Neutral dpad-Move selection cursor
  • A button-Confirms Select
  • B button-Cancels selection/Return to previous menu
  • L button-Switch menu field to the left
  • R button-Switch menu field to the right

Adventure field[edit]

  • Neutral dpad-Moves Mario and Luigi
  • R button-Cycles through "Bro in Front" action icons
  • L button-Cycles through "Bro in Back" action icons
  • A button-Performs the selected "Bro in Front" action
  • B button-Performs the selected "Bro in Back" action
  • Start button-Swaps "Bro in Back" with "Bro in Front"
  • Select button-Opens suitcase


  • Neutral dpad-Moves the action cursor
  • A button-Performs Mario's selected action
  • A button-When attacking, performs Mario's Action Command
  • B button-Performs Luigi's selected action
  • B button-When attacking, performs Luigi's Action Command