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Beanstar Piece 1[edit]

After you return to Little Fungitown you'll see that Bowletta has kidnapped Peach. Rush to where Mario was resting and give him the Crabbie Grass. You'll get auto transitioned to the Beanbean Castle. A message from Bowletta will arrive, and you'll have to find the four Beanstar pieces. Toadsworth tells you the first one you should get is the one located in TeeHee Valley.

S.S. Chuckola[edit]

In order to get here, go to the TeeHee Valley entrance. From that room, head to the right. There's another room with a few beans and blocks, but the destination is to the right. You'll see a boat, and you'll have to use some stairs to the right to climb. Then use a spin jump to get to the boat itself. After they take the Beanstar piece inside, follow them. Here you can save the game and heal yourself. Head to the room to the right, then down, and then you'll see a decorated door. Go in and you'll find a room with another door, but this one is blocked by a guard. You talk to him, and he'll tell you that you can't enter.

Now, head down two times, and then left. You'll see a guard moving the Beanstar piece. Get to the room he just entered. However, a guard will be blocking the way and will ask for a membership card. Return to the colorful door that you first tried to get in but got denied. You'll see they need people now, and you'll be "hired" You'll participate in a minigame that consists of matching barrels of the same color. After completing the minigame, you will be granted the membership card. Return to where the guard was, and show him the card.

Helping Bloat in the S.S Chuckola

He'll let you in. Now you'll talk to a guard for the Beanstar piece, but he tells you that you need to free Bloat first. For this, head back to the previous room, then to the right, then up, then up again but instead of the door, go through the left path. In this room, you'll see an X on the floor. Hammer it, and return to where Bloat is. After that, lit the TNT with Mario. This causes Bloat to get out, which causes sand to get in the ship, and after a cutscene, you'll be in the Beanbean Ocean Seabed again.

Pre Gwarhar Lagoon[edit]

New Enemies in This Area
Battle Against Starkiss and Two Malibut


  • HP: 30 (58) [1]
  • They will spit a slowly moving heart that you must avoid when it gets close to you, as this is no friendly heart!
  • Healed by Thunder
  • On the 3DS version, they're critical to Fire


  • HP: 60 (110)[1]
  • They will awaken from their sleep and throw stuff at you, that you can counter by using the hammer. This will send the thing back to them, and deal some damage.
  • They can also spit poisonous bubbles, that you can avoid by jumping
  • In the 3DS version, they're weak to thunder, and critical to fire.
Battle Against Cheep Cheep (And Malibut)

Cheep Cheep

  • HP: 40 (64)[1]
  • When hit they can get spiny (or puffed in the GBA) so don't jump on them while on that state.
Battle Against Mecha Blooper (And two Starkisses)


  • HP: 80 (130)[1]
  • They shoot bullet bill like projectiles at you. They get alerted when they get attacked, and counter attack.
  • They are critical to Thunder
  • In the 3DS version, they're weak to fire (But also still critical to thunder)

Before reaching Gwarhar Lagoon you'll have to go through the ocean once more. You'll see the piece go to the next room. Follow it. Here, you'll see that the path to go down is blocked. Head to the upper right part of the room and you'll see a spot that Mario must lit in order to lower the door that was blocking the way. In the next room, you'll see a valve. You don't have to spin it. Just go all the way down, and then right. Here, you'll have to use mini Mario to get into the hole with the arrow. From that room, make your way to the exit to the right. You're back in the room with Luigi, but on the other side. Move down all the way, and then all the way to the left. Lit up the spot, and the path will clear for Luigi. Use Luigi to charge the orb that was to the right. In this room, swim up to the yellow pipe, and afterwards, you have arrived.

Gwarhar Lagoon[edit]

New Enemies in This Area
Battle Against Elite Troopeas and Elite Gritty Goomba

Elite Troopeas

  • HP: 40 (99)[1]
  • Higher level Troopeas that you already know.
  • They take critical hits from thunder in the GBA, and from fire in the 3DS
  • Hammer attacks are weak against them
  • They can also heal other enemies, sometimes reviving them, so take them out first.

Elite Gritty Goombas

  • HP: 50 (80)[1]
  • Again, you already know how they fight, but they're a higher level
  • In the 3DS version, the fire attacks are weak against them

After exiting the pipe, you'll notice the new environment. Head to the right, and you'll see two girls talking. Head to the right again and you'll see that another girl smacks you before you reach the other room. After hearing about Hermie, head to the right now that you're able to. (Or go up first to get the pipe of this location). In this room, head upwards. Here, once again go up. You'll be in a Relaxation Room. Head to the desk and book a session for Mario and Luigi for 200 coins. Now head to the next room, and the sisters will greet you.

Mario and Luigi performing a dash move to knock the Big Koopa

After a scene, you'll have learned two new moves. Before moving on, you must get the sisters two colored pearls. For Mario's room, in the rolling spikes section, use the move that you just learned and make them go fast just at the right time. For Luigi, the spikes are slower, so use Luigi to electrify Mario and then you can move in the same spot. You can fit through it, and move to the side in order to get through. You can now head back to where you saw a big Koopa blocking the way. You can now use Mario's dash move to knock him down.

After knocking the Koopa, head to the right, and follow the path. Elite Troopeas that fight alongside Elite Gritty Goombas will appear first here. In the next room, there's another big Koopa to knock down. After clearing the path, head into the yellow pipe. You're in the ocean again. In that room, to the right, you'll see another yellow pipe. After going into it, you'll be in the surface once more. After heading down, you'll see rolling spikes, and you'll have to do the same you did in order to get the sisters the pearls. This room is for Luigi, and the one just down is for Mario.

In the next room, you'll find more enemies to get some XP if you want. You have to head down to the next room. Here, a bit to the left, you'll see a platform along a ! block. Using the spin move, head towards the platform to move it into the direction you're facing. If you mess up, hit the block to make it re-appear in the default spot. In this case, it's simple as you just want to spin it towards the right (You can use it to reach the upper platform where there is a bean in case you're collecting those). Once in the next room with a healing block (3DS version only) you need to head up a little bit, and you'll see an unfinished path of stone boulders. You need to do a few things in order to make the rest appear.

Head towards the room to the right, and you'll see another platform you can move around. Move it up, right, up and right again to get to the boo statue. Use Luigi's thunder to freeze the bros in a single position, and move towards the boo's front facing it backwards (so it can't see you). After this, the first few boulders will rise from the water.

Head to the room with the unfinished boulders path and head to the left this time. In that room, you once again need to head left.

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