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  • Spike Badge
  • Bean Badge
  • Bros Badge
  • Bean B. Badge


Name Stat bonus Description Abilities
No.1 Trousers +35 DEF Wear these to always move first!
  • First Strike
Ancient Pants +40 DEF Slightly moldy pants.
  • Win Mushroom
Anuboo Jeans +40 DEF Swift, fashionable desert jeans.
  • First Strike
B. Brand Jeans +55 DEF Brand names make everyone happy!
Bean Pants +12 DEF Cheap and durable...but not cool!
Bean Trousers +10 DEF, +4 HP Trendy pants popular in Hoohoo Village.
Beanstar Pants +60 DEF Beanstar patterns help you walk faster.
  • First Strike
Blue Jeans +16 DEF, +5 HP Thick jeans perfect for dangerous work.
Bubbles's Gear +45 DEF, +6 HP Pants from the chateau owner.
Casual Coral +80 DEF An outfit designed with a coral motif.
  • 60% Poison Dodge
Casual Slacks Great-looking, business casual slacks!
Chuckola Pants +45 DEF Pants filled with a poison antidote.
  • 60% Poison Dodge
Hard Pants +18 DEF Starchy pants stiffened with bean juice.
Harhall's Pants +60 HP Eccentric pants of the famous designer.
  • Random G
Heart Jeans +10 DEF, +9 HP Jeans with a lovely heart-shaped patch.
Heart Slacks +60 DEF Durable gear worn by Beanbean troops.
  • DEF-Up
Heavy Slacks +48 DEF Very hard pants made of Hoohoo Blocks.
  • Heavy G
Hermetic Pants +45 DEF Sealed pants that are tough to change.
  • 60% Poison Dodge
Iron Pants +70 DEF Heavy jeans plated with a titanium alloy.
  • Heavy G
Jeanie Jeans +60 DEF Magic jeans that boost DEF in battle.
  • DEF-Up
Jeaniest Jeans +74 DEF The best-looking, best-fitting jeans.
Light Slacks +48 DEF Very light and made of Parabeanie wings.
  • Light G
Mushluck Pants +65 DEF Your luck equals your Mushroom count.
  • Lucky Mushroom
Mushwin Pants +60 DEF Get Mushrooms after every battle!
  • Win Mushrooms
Oho Gear +28 DEF Cool pants with a raging wave print.
Oho Jee Wear +16 DEF, +6 HP Made from molted Oho Jee skins.
Parasol Pants +7 HP These boost DEF during battle.
  • EF-Up
Peachy Jeans +65 DEF Wear these to move right after Mario.
Peasley Slacks +70 DEF Slo-mo gear signed by the prince!
  • Light G
Pirahna Suit +30 DEF A suit made of Piranha Plant petals.
  • HP-Auto Gain
Plaid Trousers +40 DEF Super-cool trousers for the super-cool.
Queen B. Jeans +75 DEF, +14 HP Elastic pants that even fit Queen bean.
Random Slacks +60 DEF Good on defense, but hard to walk in.
  • Random G
Safe Guard +78 DEF An outfit that blocks status ailments.
  • 60% Poison Dodge
Safety Slacks +35 DEF Sturdy pants that block status effects.
  • 60% Poison Dodge
Scandal Jeans +70 DEF These let you move before Mario!
  • Mario Ahead
School Slacks +18 DEF Wear these to always attack after Mario.
  • Mario Follow
Shroom Bells +50 DEF Made back home from Koopa shells.
Shroom Pants +30 DEF These help you win Mushrooms in battle.
  • Win Mushroom
Shroom Slacks +35 DEF More Mushrooms make these luckier!
  • Lucky Mushroom
Smart Pants +50 DEF Pants made for Hooinversity staff.
Street Jeans +60 DEF All the rage among fashion's elite!
Tropic Slacks +30 DEF, +12 HP Sunny slacks made from tropical beans.
Wool Trousers +32 DEF A pair of comfy and sensible trousers.
  • HP-Auto Gain
Work Jeans +5 DEF Thick, durable, practical jeans.
  • Starting armor
Work Pants +4 DEF Light, comfy, and easy to walk in.
  • Starting armor