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Gold Mushroom[edit]

Replacing the 1-Up Mushroom, these oft-hidden mushrooms give you 50 coins.

Coin Multiplier[edit]

This item applies a multiplier to collected coins for one stage only. The multiplier is either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x as much and is decided at random the moment you choose the item.

Fire Flower[edit]

Fire Fire Mario can jump a lot higher than normal, which makes platform jumping a whole lot easier. Aside from that, it shoots straight fireballs that go through walls, but they’ll drift up as they do. You can use fireballs to knock away certain enemies, including Brothers with one hit. Boom-Booms can be defeated with five fireballs, and koopa-kids with ten.


This is an awesome item, because it transforms you into Magic Mario and puts an invisibility hat in your spare item box! Magic Mario is pretty powerful, the invisibility hat is icing on the cake.

Super Star[edit]

This star makes you invincible for a while. Lava, pits, and squishing will still kill Mario though. A great item for blazing through Brother Challenges.

Invisible Cap[edit]

Taken from Tanooki Mario, but it’s pretty different. He can float (pressing jump in the air), but can’t fly. Tap Down + Run to hide behind the background (for a short time), where enemies can’t hurt you. It’s particularly good underwater.

Kuribo’s Shoe[edit]

Kuribo’s shoe was in one level in SMB3, and at the end of the level, it was taken away from you. In this game, you can collect Kuribo’s shoe in many levels, either as an item, a direct power-up, or stealing them from Goombas as before. You can keep them across levels, and you can store or retrieve one by pressing Run and Up at the exact same time. You must store one away in situations like swimming (he can’t swim with the shoe).

Kuribo’s shoe lets you jump high, jump on certain enemies you couldn’t before (though many still damage Mario), and it just looks cool.


The mushroom transforms Mario into Super Mario. He’s twice the size, and if he gets hit, he reverts to little Mario. It’s good since you can get hit without dying, but it’s bad in that it’s harder to avoid or get under obstacles. You have to be Super before ? blocks will give you Fire Flowers or Raccoon Tails.


Look sort of like the potions in SMB2 (USA), but they act just like P-Switches in SMB3. They turn bricks into coins and coins into bricks. Bricks that contain items look like coins but still act like blocks. Potions last a limited time, and in this game are often used to open passages (changing bricks into coins) and form platforms (turning coins into bricks).

Raccoon Leaf[edit]

The classic Raccoon Tail works just like it did in SMB3. You need a big running start to fly, sometimes you can do it by running back and forth between a smaller area, but you need a decent amount of space. After you start to fly, a small counter to the bottom left of the status bar will count down for 10 seconds. After it reaches zero, you need to run full-speed again to fly some more. Even when you can’t fly, the tail is invaluable for letting you slow down your fall (float) by pressing the Jump button repeatedly in the air. Aside from that, the Raccoon tail can used to attack by tapping the run button. It’s great for hitting bricks and ? blocks that can’t be hit from underneath, and for defeating certain enemies like Fryguys.


Use this item to become Raccoon Mario while having a Fire Flower in your spare item box! Use select to switch between the two and use the right one for the right situation. Can be found randomly in the 300-coin Toad house chests, using a Warp Whistle on select worlds as an award item or in Starry Slopes after beating a Brother Challenge.

Magic Wand[edit]

Mario Adventure is a lot harder than SMB3, but the wand lets you conquer enemies much more easily. When Magic Mario jumps on a Koopa, it dies instantly, which means you can’t take their shells; you’ll have to switch out of the wand if you need a shell.

The main advantage to using the Magic Wand over other items like the Fire Flower is that Magic Mario shoots sparks that defeat most enemies, including Boom-Booms, in one hit. Also, unlike the Hammer Suit, the Magic Wand lasts for three hits before you lose it. If you find a level frustratingly difficult, the wand can help you get past it, because it is over-powered.

When you beat a Koopaling with it, the King gives you a special message asking if Mario can perform at their Kid's Birthday Party.

Secret Whistle[edit]

Not as valuable as in SMB3, but a good item nonetheless. Every world has a special area only accessible through the warp whistle. The area usually has all sorts of goodies to collect. Check the Warp Whistle Levels for details on warp whistle areas.