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Map Music: Doom Ship, then Coin Heaven after clearing the fortress.
Level Music: Hills

Wow! World 5 is in outer space.Too many sparkling,shining and bright stars.I wonder how can Mario live in outer space without air (I mean oxygen).

Coin Hunt[edit]

Location: The fifth level from the start, the rightmost one you’ll see before scrolling the map. Time Limit: 300

To the untrained eye, it’s an easy level that ends with a giant wall that you can’t pass, thereby destroying your hopes of ever finishing the game.

In reality, you have to collect every coin in the level, then enter a magical door that appears near the start of the level. You’ll have to duck-slide to get a few of those coins. There’s a few spike-ball blowing piranhas here. The glass block can be used on the first one, and the flying koopa’s shell on the second and third, if you want.

I’m not a big fan of the bullet-bill part at the “end”. Just remember that they don’t launch if you’re next to or on them. If you start small, it would be helpful to get both power-ups (one at the start, and all the way to the right of the level) without taking damage.