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Front nine[edit]

1st hole MGTT Cheep Hole 1.png First hole is a no frills straight hit. If you're hitting as far as possible, make sure you don't land behind the obstacle on the left.
2nd hole MGTT Cheep Hole 2.png It's raining on the course, but it's otherwise not special. Exercise caution not to overshoot the green.
3rd hole MGTT Cheep Hole 3.png Standard breather hole. You should be able to land on the green on the first stroke.
4th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 4.png The pin is 520 yards, but the direct path is blocked by two trees. You may opt for a left turn, which is infront of water, or try aiming to the right where you can take your next shot over the rough.
5th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 5.png The fairway takes a left turn. For a more effective second shot, you will want to use one of your power shots here, and keep to the right (or at least have a clear shot to the pin for a left hook.)

There is an alternate path that goes directly to the pin, but this crosses a bit of water, and will land in the rough. You may want to avoid that route.

6th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 6.png Use a power shot as the first hit. Regardless of whether you land on the fairway or attempt a shortcut by hitting over the water,
7th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 7.png Breather hole. Nothing special here.
8th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 8.png A straight course, with a bunker in front of the green.
9th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 9.png For the first stroke, you should use the power shot to get as far as possible. On the second stroke, you should only use the power shot if you can jump over the lake. Otherwise, aim before the river bank, and try a shot to the pin from there.

Back nine[edit]

10th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 10.png The first shot should be aimed right of the lake, but the course is otherwise normal.
11th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 11.png Rain will reduce visibility slightly. This is technically a breather hole, but if you overshoot the green, you will land in the bunker.
12th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 12.png A straight course, if a bit bumpy. The left side is generally higher than the right, and if you can get the ball on a downward lie, it should have the ball turn slightly to the right (for right-handed golfers).
13th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 13.png Use a powershot for the first hit, trying to get as close as possible. On the second hit, only aim for the green if you can get if over the body of water, otherwise, stick to the fairway.
14th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 14.png This is a standard straight course, although overshooting the green will cause the ball to land in the bunker.
15th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 15.png Technically a breather hole.
16th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 16.png The first swing should use a backspin to avoid falling into the river
17th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 17.png If your golfer has a natural hook or slice, he will have trouble making some tight corners, and attempting the tight turns may usually land you in the rough after the second hit.

You may use a power or regular shot as the first shot, but aim your second shot at the corner before it snakes to the left (or at least avoid attempting a sharp turn). The third swing should have a clear view of the pin.

18th hole MGTT Cheep Hole 18.png Standard straight course.