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Button Action
Left control/Right control Change shot direction.
Up control/Down control Change clubs.
L button/R button Adjust range marker.
Neutral dpad or Z button+Neutral control Change impact marker.
Start button Pause game.
Left cstick/Right cstick Rotate camera.
Up cstick/Down cstick Follow ball's projected flight path/View hole layout.
A button Return to play screen (in flight path mode).
B button Change shot type.
Y button View hole layout.
X button View landing point.
  • A button Start Swing A button Set Power: Auto Swing.
  • A button Start Swing B button Set Power than A button/B button: Manual Swing.
  • A button Start Swing A buttonA button/B buttonB button: Top Spin/Back Spin.
  • A button Start Swing A buttonB button/B buttonA button: Super Top Spin/Super Back Spin.