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This section will explain the things that's new to this game for both beginners and advanced players.

  • Golf clubs range from SW which make the shortest range to 1W which makes the longest range when you swing the club.
  • All golf clubs has their sweet spot when you hit the vertical line on the right of the bar. This is the only way to get a perfect shot.
  • For more power, press B button to change a regular shot to a power shot. You have a limited power shots per round but if you are able to reach max power and the sweet spot accurately, the power shots will not decrease.
  • To get a precise shot, move the marker with L button and R button and move the aim with Left control and Right control.
  • Impact points are used for golf ball trajectory when it's hit in the air. Experts should use this by Neutral dpad or Z button+Neutral control to get the ball across in the angle to where they want to land on.
  • Unlike all other golf games which you have to guess which clubs goes the distance, both this game and Mario Golf chooses the golf club for you so really through out the game, you don't have to choose the club unless you want a shot done in a particular way.