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Mushroom BridgeMKDD MushroomBridgeLogo.png[edit]

GCN Mushroom Bridge Course Map

This bridge takes place in a seaside town filled with mushroom-shaped houses. The track consists of a busy street with ongoing traffic, which moves along with the racers but at a much slower pace. Most cars will cause players to spin out on contact, although there are some exceptions. Wiggler-shaped buses completely turn karts over, while Bob-omb cars explode and can send karts flying. Mushroom carrying cars are actually beneficial to hit, barely slowing down the driver and flinging mushroom items onto the track for drivers to collect.

There are many shortcuts in this course for wary-eyed players, including one reached by turning right at the very start of the race. It causes racers to lose ground, but leads them to a warp pipe where they are shot out onto the track with a free double item block. The course's namesake is a large straightaway at the end of the course, and daring drivers can try to ride up either of its outer arches, which lack safety rails but feature speed boosts and an item. There is also a path that reaches across a hill. A Mushroom should be used for it, because the sand slows racers down. Going across it cuts the curve, but sometimes it might be blocked on the way in or out by an incoming vehicle. In fact, a Star is the best item to use going across it.


  1. The cars can get you mushrooms in non-time trials, not like that's a shortcut, per say, but it will save loads of time if you can do it right. Also, I'm pretty sure this ends up not being a shortcut because of the loss of speed on the fall after it but on the right, after the first tunnel, you can use a mushroom (maybe even one from the cars!) to go across the dirt.
  2. Also, the bridge's sides (not the sidewalk-esque thing, the arches) are lined with dash panels for the first half. With a light vehicle, you will only lose speed over all, but with a heavy vehicle, you gain speed, overall, with it.
  3. There is also a "longcut" at the beginning if you turn right, practically straight away, for a double item box.

Mario CircuitMKDD MarioCircuitLogo.png[edit]

GCN Mario Circuit Course Map

Mario's track goes throughout the gardens surrounding Princess Peach's Castle, featuring many curves and turns to navigate. Players should take care to stay on the road, as the grassy fields will slow karts down unless aided by a mushroom or star item.

One segment of the track features a large, dangerous chained Chomp that will attack players who venture too close. At various points of the track, Piranha Plants guard the sides and will send unwary racers reeling. Towards the end of the track is a small group of Goombas who will drop mushrooms if flattened by a Koopa shell item or explosion.


  1. Drift over the grass corner on the second turn to cut a little bit of time. (you'll jump over it) Boost behind the Chain Chomp, preferably with 2 or 3 mushrooms or a star but a single mushroom can do it too, if you do it correctly.
  2. Hit a goomba with a shell or lightning to get a mushroom to pop out of it a fair bit ahead. Getting one right before the bridge could be helpful to avoid loosing speed.

Daisy CruiserMKDD DaisyCruiserLogo.png[edit]

GCN Daisy Cruise Course Map

One of the more unique courses in the game, this track takes place entirely on Daisy's ocean liner. Racers begin on the outer deck where they must navigate around a large pool and down a fleet of stairs. After this they will make a U-turn and head back across the Cruiser through the inside, passing through a dining hall with tables sliding dangerously within the rocking vessel.

Daisy Cruiser in Mario Kart 7

At one point a hole will open up in the track, and racers may fall down into a storage room. This will make them lose their speed, but will lead them to a Double Item Box and the fan inside the foghorn that will shoot them back out onto the deck of the ship without too much ground lost.

Shortcuts - When you reach the first stairs, drift a sharp right to go around the pool on the right, instead of the left. After the tables, you can take a "longcut" by falling down the pit and going towards the double item box. You'll get boosted through the fan pipe after that.

Waluigi StadiumMKDD WaluigiStadiumLogo.png[edit]

GCN Waluigi Stadium Course Map

Similar to Wario Stadium from the previous Mario Kart game, this track sends players through bumps and mud typical of a dirt bike competition. Racers must be wary to stay out of the thick mud, as it will heavily slow down karts. However players may be able to cut corners by using a mushroom or star item to zip across the thick mud unhindered.

Aside from the usual dirt bike dangers, this course features rings of Podoboos that can spin out poorly-aimed drivers. Giant metal Piranha Plant cutouts make a certain part of the track very hazardous, as smashing into them will cause racers to lose all their speed.


  1. After the second jump, use a mushroom or a star to go through the sludge on the left.
  2. While on the part with the piranha plants in pipes and the firebar sets, ride on the very left to go over the pipes. It probably won't actually gain you time if you are drifting with a lightweight vehicle but a heavyweight would probably gain a little time from it.
  3. Also, the sludge in the last turn can be boosted through, as well. There's a Lakitu Glitch to get further ahead. Check for it on Youtube if your curious.