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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! has a total of 21 karts to choose from. They rank in either Light, Medium, or Heavy class (excluding the Parade Kart, which is open to all characters) and are rated for speed, acceleration, and weight. Below is a guide to the karts and their ranks and ratings.

Red Fire[edit]

MKDD Red Fire Stats.png
Red Fire

The Red Fire is an all-around good choice for any track and is average in rating. That's the way Mario prefers his karts, and yet he still wins just as easily.

Green Fire[edit]

MKDD Green Fire Stats.png
Green Fire

The Green Fire is Luigi's version of the Red Fire. It is faster and lighter than the Red Fire, but slower to get to top speed. It can be used on any track because of its near-average rating. After all, Luigi loves to race.

Heart Coach[edit]

MKDD Heart Coach.png
Heart Coach

The Heart Coach is good to use for tracks with long straightaways and tight curves. It is generally a good kart for staying up with the other racers. It also captures Peach's sense of style.

Bloom Coach[edit]

MKDD Bloom Coach Stats.png
Bloom Coach

The Bloom Coach is similar to the Heart Coach, only it is lighter and slightly faster. It works at top performance on a track with wide roads and curves that aren't too tight. It is nearly average in rating. Daisy liked Peach's kart so much that she made her own version of it.

Turbo Yoshi[edit]

MKDD Turbo Yoshi Stats.png
Turbo Yoshi

The Turbo Yoshi is a spitting image of Yoshi. It handles just like the Heart Coach, only the Heart Coach doesn't have Yoshi's face or tounge on it.

Turbo Birdo[edit]

MKDD Turbo Birdo Stats.png
Turbo Birdo

The Turbo Birdo is Birdo's take on the Turbo Yoshi. Slightly heavier but faster, it can drive anywhere. Plus, it shows off Birdo's pretty face.

Goo-Goo Buggy[edit]

MKDD Goo-Goo Buggy Stats.png
Goo-Goo Buggy

The Goo-Goo Buggy is a good kart for wide courses because it is a very light kart and can easily be thrown off of narrow tracks by the heavyweights, and it has a very poor speed. However, it has almost the best acceleration of any karts. In fact, Baby Mario or Baby Luigi can use a Chain Chomp to send it speeding!

Rattle Buggy[edit]

MKDD Rattle Buggy Stats.png
Rattle Buggy

The Rattle Buggy is almost exactly like the Goo-Goo Buggy, only it has a better top speed. However, this makes its acceleration less as fast than the Goo-Goo Buggy. It has a very low weight equal to the Goo-Goo Buggy's, so use it on wide tracks. It also works fantastic with the Chain Chomp!

Toad Kart[edit]

MKDD Toad Kart Stats.png
Toad Kart

The Toad Kart is a great kart for just about any track. It may have the same rating as the Rattle Buggy, but it has better stability on the track, making it harder to bump around. It has very good handling for those who like drifting. It also has great acceleration to help it get back up to speed if it crashes.

Toadette Kart[edit]

Toadette Kart


The Toadette Kart has a better acceleration than the Toad Kart does, making it better at recovering from an accident. It may be a little slower than the Toad Kart, but it functions just as well. It has good stability and doesn't go far after a bump from another heavier kart. It is good to use on any track. Use Paratroopa and Toadette for a good speed and quick recovering combination.

Koopa Dasher[edit]

MKDD Koopa Dasher Stats.png
Koopa Dasher

The Koopa Dasher is a slower but quick-recovering kart. It has a great acceleration for trouble on the track and has an aerodynamic shell design Koopa and Paratroopa agreed on. It may be light, but it packs a strong punch on the field.

Para Wing[edit]

MKDD Para Wing Stats.png
Para Wing

The Para Wing has a low maximum speed but it is the most aerodynamic kart on the field. It is just as light as the Koopa Dasher and is the fastest-accelerating kart of all the karts. The reason it is the most aerodynamic kart is because Paratroopa put a personal finishing touch on it: Wings!

DK Jumbo[edit]

MKDD DK Jumbo Stats.png
DK Jumbo

The DK Jumbo may be all wooden, but it handles well in any situation. The fact it is a barrel on wooden wheels makes it very unique for a kart on the race tracks. Using D.K. and Luigi will smash any track down to dust!

Barrel Train[edit]

Barrel Train


The Barrel Train is good for any track. It has a fantastic top speed and enough weight to throw other racers around, but what's really special about it is that it's not just a kart, but a train! The only issue is getting this kart up to speed, so keep your Mushrooms handy!

Koopa King[edit]

Koopa King

The Koopa King is the beast when it comes to the other carts; big, vicious, and unshakable. Take it for a ride, and several drivers will be swamped. However, this monstrosity takes awhile to reach full throttle.

Bullet Blaster[edit]

MKDD Bullet Blaster Stats.png
Bullet Blaster

The Bullet Blaster is a impressively fast kart. It has an acceleration high enough to reach top speed quickly and take turns well. The only problem is, it's the lightest kart on the field! It gets bumped around the easiest, so avoid encountering heaver karts. This kart should be used for wider tracks and is great on sharp curves.

Wario Car[edit]

MKDD Wario Car Stats.png
Wario Car

A vehicle like the Wario Car becomes a real monster as it tears down the homestrech. It has a high top speed, sleek design, and a beefy engine to boot. No matter what track this vehicle tears up, it taunts the competition. In fact, it's just as obnoxious as Wario!

Waluigi Racer[edit]

Waluigi Racer

Half-dirt bike, Half-jet, all mean machine. The Waluigi Racer is a hybrid terror that can really hold its ground in tight jams. Balanced in every stat, it's Waluigi's cheating machine. Why? Waluigi stole parts to make it!

Piranha Pipes[edit]

MKDD Piranha Pipes Stats.png
Piranha Pipes

The Piranha Pipes is a kart that is fantastic for pushing around other racers. It works great on tracks with long, wide turns. The only drawback for speed and weight is its acceleration, which makes it pretty lousy on tracks with many sharp curves. However, a track with many boost pads remedies this.

Boo Pipes[edit]

MKDD Boo Pipes Stats.png
Boo Pipes

The Boo Pipes is a reverse of the Piranha Pipes kart because it sacrifices speed for acceleration. Unlike the Piranha Pipes, the Boo Pipes is great at holding its own on a track with many curves. Because it has great acceleration, it can easily get back up to speed. It is also the same weight as the Piranha Pipes. The only issue is its low speed. Using it on a long track will help to gain a better lead over the other racers.

Parade Kart[edit]

MKDD Parade Kart.PNG
Parade Kart

The Parade Kart is Toadsworth's gift to you after completing the Mirror Mode All Cup Tour. It has good acceleration, a great top speed, and enough weight to knock around other racers. It can also accompany any character in any weight class. Best of all, it comes with two detachable parade crowns so everyone can watch the winners of the Mario Kart Grand Prix go by! This golden kart is best for any track.