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Luigi's Mansion is a secret stage that is based off the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi's Mansion. It is one of the most complex battle stages in the entire game. It includes three floors, with hallways that connect each floor. Players begin on the first floor of the mansion. Optionly, you can battle on the first floor only, but there are four hallways leading away from the main floor. One hallway is colored green and leads upstairs to the roof. The roof has a hole in the middle that overlooks the first floor. If you fall down this hole, you will be back to where you started from. On the main floor, the other three hallways lead to the basement. All the hallways goes into each other into a T shaped junction. All the exits down here lead back up to the main floor.

Balloon Battle Strategy[edit]

  • The main goal is to survive with balloons still intact. Thus your goal, if you have three or four players, is to try not to be noticed too much. Try not to be confronted so much.
  • Lay bananas down in the hallways. There isn't much room to dodge bananas here and the turn makes it hard to avoid it. Throw shells from the basement through the main floor to give your opponent a nasty surprise!

Shine Thief Strategy[edit]

  • If you have the shine, you need to keep moving so that your opponents will have a hard time catching up to you. Your opponents arrows will constantly change directions every time you change floors so keep on the move so that your opponents won't catch up.
  • Try to get the shine at the start of the match. If you didn't grab it, it is going to be tough. You will need to plan ahead on where your opponent is going to go next.

Bob-omb Blast Strategy[edit]

  • One nasty strategy is to grab a lot of bombs, drive up to the roof, and then launch a loadfull of bombs down to the first floor. Anyone daring enough to enter the main floor will get a rude awakening! However, this is useless if your oppenents stick to the basement, where you can't get them.
  • Another good strategy is to throw bombs down from the main floor into the basement hallways. Your rival will see the bomb bouncing off the wall and will have no time to react quickly enough. Blamo!
  • Drop bombs behind you when you go from the basement to the main floor. If someone decides to drive down the same hallway you were in, they may not see the bomb & will run into the bomb causing it to blow up in their face.