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Map of Tilt-A-Kart.

Tilt-A-Kart is a battle course shaped like the arcade version of Mario and it is one of the craziest battle course in the game. When the match begins, both players start at the middle of the arena. However, as the battle goes on, you'll notice that the ground isn't stable and the stage will tilt in all kinds of directions! This causes the plentiful item boxes to start tumbling off the side of the arena. Be careful not to fall off the giant course. If you do fall off, you begin on one of three white blocks set up above the arena. The white blocks on the border of the structure will slow you down, but you'll be an easy target for opponents.


  • Whatever you do, stay away from the edges of the arena. Probably the first thing that opponents will do is to try and ram someone of the stage. If you fall off, this will cost you a balloon (in Balloon Battle), the Shine (in Shine Thief), or a point (in Bob-omb Blast).
  • Try to stay near the middle of the arena most of the time. This way you don't have to worry about falling off the sides of the stage. But be warned that you're not the only one with the same idea and you will have to battle it out in order to be in the center.
  • Because the viewing distance is large, keep moving. It is easy to get hit by an item because you're not moving. It will also make it harder for opponents to score a hit by you because it makes it harder for them to aim correctly.
  • When the platform does tilt, stay to the side with the raised edge. It will be easier to stay on the platform
  • Be careful on when you use your items. Since many of the item boxes will be rolling off the stage, you may not have items with you to protect yourself and you don't want to be the one who can't fight back if they don't have any items with them!
  • Here's a strategy that's good if you're a light character and your opponent is a heavy weight. If your opponent gets a star go off to the edge of the course, then quickly turn and normally he'd slow down on the white blocks but stars don't let you slow down on stuff that slows you down and luckily, stars don't increase you turning so he will go tumbling of to who knows where. This is good to use in balloon battle.