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There are karts, characters, and even courses you can unlock. You must obtain a gold trophy in the listed event to unlock the bonus object.

  • Mirror mode: The courses are flipped (mirrored) in direction. The turns go the other way, obstacles are on the other side, signs are mirrored (that includes Lakitu's sign), and even the award ceremony is viewed the other way! It takes place at the 150cc racing difficulty level, and puts a whole new twisted look on tracks.
  • All Cup Tour: A race through all sixteen courses in the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! They come in random order, excluding Luigi Circuit (which always comes first), and Rainbow Road (which always comes last). It can also be played in Mirror mode as the final Grand Prix mode.

Mushroom Cup[edit]

Flower Cup[edit]

Star Cup[edit]

Special Cup[edit]

All Cup Tour[edit]

  • 50cc: Nothing
  • 100cc: Nothing
  • 150cc: Mirror mode (engine size)
  • Mirror mode: Parade Kart (kart)

Once you win every cup, you get a new "Thanks For Playing" screen and a new title screen.