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Nintendo 64 GameCube Controller (VC) Classic Controller (VC) Control
Neutral control Neutral control Neutral lstick Turns the kart.
A button A button A button Accelerates.
B button B button B button Brakes.
B button+Down control B button+Down control B button+Down lstick Accelerate in Reverse.
Z button, Down c L button, X button, Y button, Down cstick L button, X button, Y button, Down rstick Uses item.
Up c Up cstick Up rstick Changes camera position.
Right c Right cstick Right rstick Changes on-screen display.
R button R button R button Hops. (Drift)
L button Z button Zl button, Zr button Change background music volume.
Start button Start button Plus button Pauses a race or battle.

Special note: To access the options on the menu, the N64 uses the L button button, GC uses the Z button and the Wii-cc uses Zl button/Zr button.