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Map of Kalimari Desert

MK64 Kalimari Desert.png

Kalimari Desert is the final race of the Mushroom Cup. It is a large desert track with cactus scattered here and there. There is only one real obstacle on this track: a train that moves across its own track that crosses the road twice. Sure, racers can wait for it to go by, or they can be daredevils and try to beat it. However, any racers that crash into the train are thrown into the air, and it only gets harder to beat the train when it carries a few extra cars.


Through the Train[edit]

If you are lucky and manage to get a Star at the beginning of the course, you can activate while coming up on the railroad crossing and not have to wait for the train to pass by before blowing through.


Inside the Tunnel[edit]

If you are able to get a Star on either the first or second lap, go inside the tunnel by taking a left at the second railroad crossing. Right before you enter the tunnel, activate the Star and the lap counter will increase at some point inside the tunnel.