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Map of Mario's castle

Mario's Rainbow Castle is the first of the six default stage maps within the game. It is a simple course where players go from the beginning (in the bottom-right corner) to the end (on the pedestal at the center) to collect a star. This board is owned by Mario.

There are two branches in the map. The first branch is a long detour that leads to a Big Boo. The Boo can steal either coins or stars from other players. The second branch is a short side trip. The outer path is slightly longer and provides access to better bonuses. However, you cannot use this path to avoid a green event tile (but you can take it in a rare hope that you may land on the other green event tile or that another player steps on another green event tile.

Entering a green event tile will cause Toad to switch places with Bowser.

When you reach the end of the map, you can receive a star. If Toad is present, he will sell you a star for 20 coins; however, if Bowser is present, he will take 40 coins and give you a fake star in exchange. Whenever a player meets either Toad or Bowser, they will exchange places.

The Koopa Troopa will give you 10 coins each time you pass the starting location.

At the end of the game, the winner's stars form a large star that makes a series of rainbows across the board, followed by a rainbow path from the center platform. The winner and the players in 2nd and 3rd place go up the rainbow path to celebrate the victory along with Toad, Koopa, Fwoosh, and the star. The player in 4th place attempts to travel up the rainbow path too but slips, falls and is carried away by lakitu.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • 33 blue tiles.
  • 5 red tiles.
  • 5 happening tiles.
  • 4 blue star tiles.
  • 2 blue chance tiles.
  • 2 red Bowser tiles.