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Coins for Bowser[edit]

  • Bowser takes 10-30 coins from that player.

Bowser Revolution[edit]

  • Bowser takes everyone's coins and splits them evenly among all the player's.

Bowser's Chance Time[edit]

  • Like chance time, but Bowser rigs it so that he is on the receiving end of the trade. Unlike normal chance time, stars cannot be lost.

Bowser's Coin Potluck[edit]

  • Like coins for Bowser, but he takes coins from everyone.

Bowser's Multiplying Toad's[edit]

  • Bowser does a magic trick that makes two toads appear on the board. However, one of them is Koopa Kid in disguise. Anyone who pays him the 20 coin fee makes him reveal himself and give them a Ztar instead.

Bowser's Appearing Act[edit]

  • Getting this makes Bowser leave, than appear at Koopa Kid's position as the board villain at the end of the turn. This is exactly like using the Bowser Bomb.

1,000 Coin,10,000 Star Present and Stars-Packed To Go[edit]

  • These are gold-lettered, the cursor land on these sometimes, but doing so makes Bowser run away, leaving the player with red on there panels.