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If you're already familiar with Mario Party, you should know how it works. Here's a new set of features:

  • Duel with a computer or another player for the first time. Each board has its unique duels available.
  • Items now help you in every board. The catch however, once you bought it, you can't get another one until you use it. Especially when you got a gate key that can be used in only locked places on different areas of the board.
  • If you bought all games in the minigames area, be prepared to take on all challenges in all difficulties.
  • A total of 64 minigames available in this game.
  • 6 different boards in three difficulties to get through. Be prepared from 20 to 35 to 50 turns of craziness.

Playing the Game[edit]

Each game starts out with character selection. Then each character spins a die to see who will go first. The highest number wins. Each player, starting with the one who won the dice roll and moving clockwise, rolls a die on their turn and then moves across as many board spaces as the number on the die. Before rolling, however, a player may use an item, pause the game, or view the entire board for strategic reasons (e.g. to locate the nearest Star Space).


All characters play the same and have the same size hitboxes. There are no advantages to one or the other.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Donkey Kong

Board Spaces[edit]

  • Blue Space - Gives the player three coins.
  • Red Space - Subtracts three of the player's coins.
  • Item Space - Triggers a item mini-game.
  • Happening Space - Triggers a board-related event.
  • Battle Space - Triggers a battle minigame.
  • Bowser Space - Summons bowser who usually tries to steal coins.
  • Star Space - The star (or its barrier) rests here. Whoever passes it has the opportunity to buy a star. It usually moves around the board after someone purchases a star.
  • Chance Time Space - Triggers a chance time event.
  • Bank Space - Players who pass it must deposit five coins. Anyone who lands on the space receives all coins currently deposited.


  • Mushroom - This mushroom allows you to roll two dice instead of one on your turn. Getting two of the same number will earn you 10 coins and getting two sevens will earn you 20 coins.
  • Skeleton Key - Use this key to get through any of the skeleton key doors on the board. These doors give access to secret paths that cannot be entered without the key. You cannot get rid of it unless you decline to use it at a skeleton door.
  • Plunder Chest - Use this item to steal an item away from another player. The player is chosen at random.
  • Dueling Glove - This glove lets you challenge another player to duel. You can set the amount of coins each player has to give in and the winner wins all. The duel mini-game is based on the board that is being played on.
  • Warp Block - Warp to another player's space. The player that you choose will get your old spot.
  • Golden Mushroom - This mushroom allows you to roll three dice instead of one on your turn. Getting three of the same number will earn you 20 coins getting three sevens will earn you 50 coins.
  • Magic Lamp - Use this lamp to summon the mushroom genie who will take you straight to the star. You still have to pay 20 coins for the star.
  • Boo Bell - This Bell will call boo right to your space. You still have to pay the normal fees for stealing coins and stars.
  • Bowser Suit - After putting on this suit, you are able to steal 20 coins from any player you pass.
  • Bowser Bomb - After the player receives this item, that player is forced to use it after everyone finished there turn. Koopa Kid will transform into Bowser and roll three dice. Any player that he passes will lose all their coins.