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There are nine 2-vs-2 Mini-Games in Mario Party 4, which is lower than the total number of 2-vs-2 Mini-Games in most of the other games in the series. In Party Mode and Story Mode, these occur when two players land on one color, and the other two players land on a different color.

Cheep Cheep Sweep[edit]

Cheep Cheep Sweep
  • Rules: Catch the Cheep Cheeps in your net. Red Cheep Cheeps are worth one point, and yellow ones are worth two points.
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Catch
    • B button: Empty the Net
  • Advice: Your net can hold up to three Cheep Cheeps. Approach them slowly so you don't scare them away.

Catching Cheep Cheeps can be a challenge if you don't know how to sweep the net. While near a Cheep Cheep, press and hold A button and you can move your net slowly around in a circle. This is much easier than simply trying to catch them by tapping A button. When walking, only push the Neutral control about halfway, or else you will scare the Cheep Cheeps away. If you have a partner that is very good at this game, you can try going near your opponents and running to scare the Cheep Cheeps away from them. There are a total of 25 points to be earned in this game.


  • Rules: Don't let the snowy winds blow you off the face as you climb! Grab hold when the wind and the rumble start to pick up!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Hold On
  • Advice: If the Rumble Feature is set to OFF, a !! will appear when the wind picks up to tell you when to hold on.

This is probably the easiest Mini-Game to win against Computer players if you have good reflexes. Frequently, the wind will pick up, but it will die down without ever being strong enough to knock you back. Don't grab hold of the wall until you feel the rumbling increase dramatically (or the !! if rumble is off.) Generally, the better player will want to go in the top position so that if the bottom player makes a mistake, the team won't lose as much progress. When maneuvering around ledges, climb diagonally to save time.

Dungeon Duos[edit]

  • Rules: Help your teammate to clear all the obstacles in this dank dungeon.
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Jump
    • B button: Move a Lever
    • Y button: Rotate a Platform
    • X button: Rotate a Platform
    • L buttonR button: Fill Balloon with Air
  • Advice: Work with your teammate to escape smoothly so you don't waste time.

This Mini-Game is divided into six sections. The first requires players to rapidly press B button to allow their teammate to continue. The second section requires one person to operate a moving platform while the other person rides it. To make it easier for your partner, stop rotating it temporarily so that they can jump on. The third section is like the second section, but there is only one platform instead of two. When the platform is too far away, both you and your partner can spin it so that the platform moves twice as fast. The fourth section has five Warp Pipes, one of which leads to the next section. Have one player start on the left side and the other start on the right. The fifth section is like the fourth, but has nine Warp Pipes. Again, work methodically to find the right one quickly. The final section involves filling a balloon with air. Rather than button mash, make big pumps by pushing the pump all the way down before pulling it back up. Getting a time of under 1'30"00 unlocks a present in the Present Room.


Order Up[edit]

Order Up
  • Rules: Toad will order items that you must find in the boxes before the other team. First to 3 pts. wins.
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Open a Box
  • Advice: Before the boxes come down, try to memorize the order of items in the circle.

In every round, there are two of each type of food: soup, hamburger, snow cone, corn dog, and french fries. Memorize any clusters of one type of food, and there is usually at least one. If you can, memorize a string of five or six foods in a row before the boxes cover them, and follow the frontmost one you memorized while the tables spin. With computers, your teammate will sometimes be in your way, but you can overcome this by pushing them. If you aren't sure where the food you need is, just keep guessing and you might get lucky.


  • Rules: This is a coin-collecting bonus game. Teams cooperate in the boat and parachute to get all the coins they can
  • Controls:
    • Boat Driver:
      • Neutral control: Move
      • A button: Speed Up
      • B button: Slow Down
    • Parachute Sailor: Neutral control: Move
  • Advice: Going slower means the parachute will sink lower. The driver of the boat must avoid the obstacles in the water.

The boat driver in this game has the more difficult job. They need to not only modify their speed so that the parachute sailor is at the right altitude, but also dodge floating crates and maneuver toward the coins. The crates can be used to your advantage; if you need to quickly lower the parachute sailor, then hitting one will slow you down. Don't go for every coin because the course is long enough that it's unlikely you'll reach the end within the time limit. In general, when there aren't any coins nearby, you'll want to go quickly because it's easier to lower your partner than to raise them. The parachute sailor should simply move left and right as necessary to collect any coins in their path. An effective team can get at least 25 coins.


  • Rules: Press the corresponding buttons to redirect the Bob-ombs. Blow the other team up 10 times to win.
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • A button: Press Button
  • Advice: Explosions stop you from moving for a little while, so when those buttons light up, get to them quickly.

Since there are six buttons on each side, each member of a team should cover the three they start near. Try mimicking your opponents' actions to better intercept the Bob-ombs. The player on each side that starts with two Bob-ombs going in their direction will largely be playing defensively, while the player that starts with only one Bob-omb facing them will largely be playing offensively. Whatever you do, don't end up in the same row as a Bob-omb when it blows up. It will stun you, allowing your opponent to score several more points. If your teammate gets stunned, don't cover their side in addition to yours. Instead, continue playing as you were beforehand, trying to equalize the score by stunning your opponent. If time runs out, the team that has been blown up less wins.

Right Oar Left?[edit]

Right Oar Left?
  • Rules: Be the first to pilot the Dorrie Boat out of the cave!
  • Controls:
    • B button+A button: Forward
    • A button: Row Right Oar
    • B button: Row Left Oar
  • Advice: The right oar turns you left. The left oar turns you right. Avoid the flames, and get out of there!

This game requires a lot of teamwork to finish quickly. One of the risks is that you overturn. If your team has two humans, one should just make the boat go forward for the entire match, while the other should turn the boat left and right as needed. If you're with a computer, you'll want to make what seem like very small turns to avoid crashing into the walls. When you encounter fire, wait if it's almost over, but if it has just started, you might as well plow through it and continue forward. For many of the fires, you can go around them since they don't extend all the way to the opposite wall. The course never changes, so as you play this game more, it gets easier. There is an award in the Present Room for setting a record time of under 45"00.

Team Treasure Trek[edit]

Team Treasure Trek
  • Rules: Find the "?" blocks that match your team's color. Once you and your partner have found each block, you must meet each other in the maze!
  • Controls:
    • Neutral control: Move
    • Y buttonX button: Display/Hide Map
  • Advice: The two players on the left are the Red Team, and the two on the right are the Blue Team. If you get lost, check your map.

Make sure and watch the screen very carefully in the time before the game starts because this is the only time you'll see the entire maze. Identify the block you need to reach and if possible, find a path that will take you there. The treasures are always located at dead ends, so you'll always have to backtrack once you find them. Once you have your treasure, look at your teammate's screen and try and reach them. If they haven't found their treasure yet, follow them until they reach it. You can check your map if you're unsure about something, but it won't show the walls.

The Great Deflate[edit]

The Great Deflate
  • Rules: Do Ground Pounds on the inflated Thwomp repeatedly to deflate it.
  • Controls: A buttonA button: Ground Pound
  • Advice: Time your jumps with your partner to deflate the Thwomp faster.

This game is all about synchronicity. The best strategy is to just keep doing Ground Pounds, only stopping if you and your partner lose synchronicity. Just jumping won't deflate the Thwomp, so make sure you press A button a second time.