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Boo's Haunted Bash has a difficulty rating of two out of three.

Points of Interest[edit]

Red Boo[edit]

When you pass the Red Boo's hideout, he'll disappear if he is there or appear if he isn't. When he's gone, the Red Boo bridges will be out, forcing you to go around.

Mystery Train[edit]

Pick up any characters you pass on your way to one of the boneyards. The Mystery Train is not available when the Red Boos are around. You can take any normal path.

Happening Spaces[edit]

When you land on one of the two Happening Spaces, the picture will change from a Big Boo hiding its face to a Big Boo in motion. You will have "two minutes" before he shows up.

Mini Mini-Games[edit]

In Horn of Plenty, three items enter the trumpet and you have to use Neutral control to select which item you get when you press A button.

In Rhythm and Boo, Boo will play a note and you will have to press the button that appears on it. If you reach the end, you'll get 10 coins. If you press the wrong button or take too long, you won't get as many coins.