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Turn order is determined by hitting a dice block before the game starts. Whoever rolls the highest gets to go first.

On your turn, you get to roll a dice block. You will advance the number of spaces shown on the dice block. Whichever space you land on will trigger an event, like getting or losing coins. See Spaces for more details.


If you have an item, you can use it before rolling. See Items for more details.


After everyone has moved, a mini-game will start. The type of mini-game will be determined by the colors of the spaces players landed on. Winning a mini-game will give you 10 coins. If it happens to be a lucky mini-game or a coin-collecting mini-game, you might earn more.

Board Events[edit]

When you pass a pink arrow, a Board Event is triggered. These are skipped when you're Mega. Here are the events found on every board:

  • Item Shop: If you pass an Item Shop, you can pay coins to get an item for later use.
  • Lottery Shop: You can pay 5 coins here to play a lottery game. You can win a mushroom or numerous coins.
  • Boo House: If you pay 5 coins, a boo will steal coins from one of your opponents. If you pay 50 coins, a boo will steal a star from one of your opponents.
  • Mini Mini-Games: If you're mini, you can play these. Each board has two: one gives you coins and one gives you an item.
  • Guide Character: If you have 20 coins, you can buy a star.

After the set number of turns is over the game will end. If bonuses were enabled, bonus stars will be awarded to the player who won the most coins in mini-games, the player who had the highest coin total at any point in the game, and the player who landed on the most Happening Spaces. Whoever has the most stars wins!