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Goomba's Greedy Gala is the fourth board. It has a difficulty rating of two out of three.

Points of Interest[edit]

Roulette Wheel[edit]

The ball determines which path you take. If you pay Goomba 20 coins, you'll go in the direction of the star. If you don't, the ball might land on a star, letting you choose your path and giving you 20 coins.

Dice Duels[edit]

There is one of these on three of the paths. Goomba appears and tells you how Dice Duel works. He rolls a number and you have to roll a number higher than his. If you roll higher than Goomba, you win 10 coins. If you roll lower than him (or if he rolls a "10"), you go back to the start. The Goomba tends to roll higher when you're in first or second place, but it's not guaranteed.

Happening Spaces[edit]

If you land on one, you'll sit on a chip and Goomba will start you on a diagonal path. Tilt Neutral control left and right (whichever the chip is moving) to grab as many coins as possible.

Mini Mini-Games[edit]

In 3-Card Goomba, three goombas each have an item. After they move around, use Neutral control to select a goomba and A button to choose it.

In Coin Slots, you get to press A button when the wheel is showing the number you want. If only two numbers match at the end, you get one coin (2/3 chance). If all three numbers match at the end, you get 5, 10, or 20 coins based on the number you matched (1/27 chance of each).