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Koopa's Seaside Soiree is the fifth board. It has a difficulty rating of two out of three.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Ukiki's Banana Peel Junction[edit | edit source]

The banana peel gets the blame, but it may be possible to control your path. If you're at the junction, tilt Neutral control in the direction you don't want to go. If an opponent is at the junction, tilt Neutral control in the direction you want them to go.

Koopa Kabana[edit | edit source]

The Koopa Kabana is a hotel in the middle of the board (right at the top). When you pass either Koopa mark, Koopa requests an investment of 5 coins or whatever lower quantity you have. There is no way to decline. If you land on an adjoining Happening Space, Koopa forces you to trade a number of coins (matching to the number of coins spent) for a one week stay. If you don't have enough coins for one week, he brings the price down to whatever you have. Unless it's closed for repairs (the total investment is 0 coins). The Kabana (upon the "one-week stay" however) gets destroyed by a big wave after you've paid (after you trade your number of coins for a one week stay and he tells you to enjoy your stay).

Dolphin Fruit Pads[edit | edit source]

If you land on a Happening Space next to a Fruit Pad, a dolphin will take you to the corresponding Fruit Pad. The Watermelon Pad has three coins on the route.

Mini Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

In Fish Fetch, you get to use Neutral control to select one of the three fish hiding in the water. Press A button to pull it out. Koopa will give you up to 20 coins, depending on what size fish you pulled.