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Overview of the board

Shy Guy's Jungle Jam is the second board of Mario Party 4 and has a variety of features: statues, a river, a volcano, and a Klepto. It has the lowest difficulty rating of one out of three.

Points of Interest[edit]

Shy Guy Statues[edit]

When you land on a happening space in front of a Shy Guy Statue, you get to make a sad wish or a fun wish. If your wish makes the Shy Guy Well sad, a flood will remove the bridges and raft for a turn. If your wish makes pleases it, confetti falls and the bridges and raft stay intact.


If you pass a mountain roost while Klepto is there, you can pay five coins to ride to the other roost. Lean left and right to collect coins on the way. Sometimes the volcano will erupt, sending up a horde of coins.

River Rafting[edit]

You need at least 5 coins to ride the Raft. You will be taken to the third Blue Space past the bridge.

Mini Mini-Games[edit]

In How High, Fly Guy? you get to press A button many times to wind up the miniature fly guy. When your time is up, it will begin to rise. If it reaches the top of the totem pole, you get 20 coins.

In Treasure Tree, you get to press A button when an item is over your head to grab that prize. There is practically no lag time between pressing A button and hitting the item.