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There are eight types of spaces in Mario Party 4. The color of the space that each character lands on determines the Mini-Game played at the end of the turn and the teams within the Mini-Game. Blue Spaces make a player on the blue team, while Red Spaces and Bowser Spaces make a player on the red team. All other spaces are green, which have a 50% chance of being red and a 50% chance of being blue. If all four players end the turn with the same color, a 4-Player Mini-Game is initiated. If three players get one color while the fourth gets a different color, a 1-vs-3 Minigame is initiated, with the three players that have the same color on a team. If two players end with blue and two players end with red, a 2-vs-2 Minigame begins.

Types of Spaces[edit]

Image Name Effect
Blue Space Makes you gain three coins
Red Space Makes you lose three coins
Happening Space Varies by location- can be good or bad
Mushroom Space Makes you receive a Mini Mushroom or Mega Mushroom randomly
Warp Space Spins a spinner to send you to an opponent's space
Battle Space Initiates a Battle Mini-Game
Bowser Space Summons Bowser or Koopa Kid (see below)
Fortune Space Initiates a Reversal of Fortune