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Buddy Bounce[edit]

Logger Heads[edit]

Pinball Fall[edit]

Launch Break[edit]

Goomba Village[edit]

Speeding Bullets[edit]

Pianta Pool[edit]

Chain Event[edit]


Skipping Class[edit]

Mecha Choice[edit]

Jigsaw Jumble[edit]

Growing Up[edit]

Upward Mobility[edit]

Ring Leader[edit]

Smash Compactor[edit]

Peak Precision[edit]

10 to Win[edit]

Tuber Tug[edit]

Card Smarts[edit]

Toad and Go Seek[edit]

Polar Extreme[edit]

Goomba Bowling[edit]

Tumble Temple[edit]

Twist Ending[edit]

Manor of Escape[edit]

Player Conveyor[edit]

Ballistic Beach[edit]

Bumper Bubbles[edit]

Flinger Painting[edit]

Bomb Barge[edit]

Don't Look[edit]

Snow Go[edit]

Piranha Patch[edit]

Plunder Ground[edit]

Pier Pressure[edit]

In Pier Pressure, up to four players will pick a fishing rod for a chance to reel in a Cheep-Cheep! Anyone who catches an Urchin is eliminated! The last player standing wins!

There are 10 rods. 7 have Cheep-Cheeps, the other 3 have Urchins. The turn order is random as well, which can spice up the competition. The rods will bob and bend at different angles and degrees, but there is seriously no telling weather a certain rod holds a Cheep-Cheep or an Urchin. All you have to do is pray that you'll catch a Cheep-Cheep rather than an urchin. Good luck!

Having fewer players changes the number of rods you can pick from. With 3 players, there are only 8 rods; 6 have Cheep-Cheeps and the other 2 have Urchins. With 2 players, there are 6 rods; 5 have Cheep-Cheeps and only one has an Urchin.


Pit or Platter[edit]

Thwomper Room[edit]

Urn It[edit]

Goomba Spotting[edit]

Magma Mayhem[edit]

Pizza Me, Mario[edit]

Fungi Frenzy[edit]