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Tennis would not be complete without a court with a net to play on. Here are the rules:

  • Serve diagonally opposite to your opponent. Hitting the net or the opposite side of the court to your opponent is a foul, called a fault. Doing so twice in a row (double fault) will concede points to your opponent.
  • Don't hit areas outside the court. Especially the sides unless you're playing doubles.
  • Scores go in the order of 0 or love, 15, 30, 40 and 50. Scoring 50 wins that one game.
  • If the scores go to Deuce which is 40-40, whoever has the advantage must win at least one more. However you'll lose the advantage if you lose that round.
  • A tiebreaker will happen if a set is drawn 6-6 or 2-2, depending on settings. The rules are pretty much the same as a normal game, but you have to win at least 6 points to win the game.
  • If you're playing closest to the net in doubles, let the ball bounce before you hit or let your ally hit the ball. Don't hit the ball after the serve or you will concede points to your opponent.
  • Aces are tough. You need to put a lot of power and spin on the ball to hit it in one shot.

The Peach Dome[edit]

This is just your standard average court, that should be familiar to all players.

  • Hard Court: Speed Normal, Bounce Strong.
  • Clay Court: Speed Slow, Bounce Weak.
  • Grass Court: Speed Fast, Bounce Weak.

The Gimmick Courts[edit]

Unlike the Peach Dome, there's a twist to what you hit on the grounds of the court as you play through these courts. It's worth noting you can play as a normal court as you unlock through the Gimmick's Tournament.

  • Luigi's Mansion Court: Speed Fast, Bounce Normal. Hit the lightbulb at the other end to get rid of the ghosts distracting you.
  • Delfino Plaza Court: Speed Normal, Bounce Weak. Hit the Piranha Plant to place sludge on the opponent's end and move over a switch to wash off your sludges in that area.
  • Wario Factory Court: Speed Fast, Bounce Strongest. Hit any arrows to move part of the opponent's side which is like a conveyor belt. Just go with the flow because the entire floor is made of conveyor belts!
  • Gooper Blooper Court: Speed Fastest, Bounce Normal. Hit the coloured panels with arrows to change a small part of the area where the ball must not hit which is the water.
  • DK Jungle Court: Speed Slow, Bounce Normal. Hit the Klaptraps along the net to allow one to walk over and clamp on to your opponent. Hit the lightning circle to Zap all Klaptraps in your area so you have free movement again.