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You should know the drill if you played Mario Tennis before. A tournament is like a tree, starting from its roots of eight players (sixteen in doubles), and going up to the top one or two. It's important to play through these to unlock characters, courts and other special things available in this game.

Mushroom Cup[edit]

This is the easiest of all cups. The first and second rounds are one set matches. The final is a three set match.

Note: Save after every round. You can load this file as many times as you like. This is useful if you need to leave your game before the next match begins.

Flower Cup[edit]

The computers is on normal difficulty. The only change is the second round is a three set match for Singles Match and five set match at the final round for Doubles Match.

Star Cup[edit]

The computer is hard but not to the point of frustration. The only change is the final round is a five set match. The doubles is similar to the Flower Cup.