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Items are gained in two ways. Shooting the ball when a blue energy ring appears while charging a shot, or being tackled when a character you control doesn't have the ball. Items can be used in a variety of ways for offense and defense. Shell items have a chance of exploding on impact.


Comes in groups of five, three, or singular. Bananas appear behind your character. They make any character slip and fall when they touch it. Bananas can also disrupt passing.

Green Shells[edit]

Comes in groups of three or singular. Green shells fire in the direction of the opponent who has the ball. Shells can disrupt passing and shooting.

Red Shells[edit]

Like Green Shells except they home in on opponents.

Blue Shells[edit]

Comes in groups of three or singular. Explodes and freezes all characters within the explosion radius.

Spikey Shells[edit]

Like Green Shells except they ricochet for a longer time.


Comes in groups of five, three, or singular. Bombs drop from the air to hit the opponent with the ball. This item can hurt teammates as well but will not affect the character who used it.


Gives a temporary boost of movement and defense stats.


Makes character invulnerable. All characters that touch a character with a Star up will be knocked down. This item usually appears when you are behind.

Chain Chomp[edit]

Summons a Chain Chomp to go on a rampage and attack all opponents for a limited time. This item usually appears when you are behind.

Captain's Items[edit]

Each Captain has their own special item. While some captains may have similar stats, the items are what set them apart.

Mario: Super Mario[edit]

Mario grows large in size, allowing him to easily trample opponents. The goalie can still knock you away.

Luigi: Super Luigi[edit]

Same as Super Mario, except with Luigi.

Yoshi: Egg Roll[edit]

Yoshi turns into an egg which can trample any character he runs in to. If you run into the goalie the egg is broken.

DK: Thunder Wham[edit]

DK slams the ground and knocks away any character within the radius. This move can also stun the goalie if he's holding the ball.

Bowser: Fire Storm[edit]

Bowser breathes fire to cause any character hit by this to act uncontrollably. This move can set the goalie's hands on fire.

Peach: Freeze Frame[edit]

All characters within the radius are removed from the field for a limited time. Does not affect the goalie.

Wario: Gas Mask[edit]

Wario creates a green gas which causes any character that runs into it to act uncontrollably. Does not affect the goalie or Wario.

Daisy: Crystal Smash[edit]

Daisy slams the ground and creates six crystal shards which knock away any character hit by it. This can stun the goalie if he's holding the ball.

Waluigi: Wall-Luigi[edit]

Waluigi gets a burst of speed and leaves a vine wall in his trail. Characters can't pass through the vine wall.

Bowser Jr: Sonic Roar[edit]

Any character hit by this will be knocked back and be turned small for a limited time. Small characters have low stats in everything.

Diddy: Red Card[edit]

Creates a beacon which removes any player that touches it from the game for a period of time.

Petey Piranha: Mud Slinger[edit]

Petey spits out mud which knocks down any character hit by it. The mud also impedes movement.