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All of the stadiums from Super Mario Strikers are in Mario Strikers Charged along with ten new stadiums.

The Vice[edit]

This stadium is similar to The Palace except the place is torn up. There are no weather effects in this stadium.

Thunder Island[edit]

This stadium is located on top of a mountain. There are high winds that can alter the path of the ball. There's also no electrical fences in the center part of the stadium, which means you can fall off the edge if you move too far or even if you are tackled. You are encouraged to tackle people off the edge to get a player advantage. Occasionally the wind will blow cows, Cheep Cheeps, and vehicles across the field which will remove any characters the objects hit for a short time.

The Sand Tomb[edit]

Possibly one of the most aggravating stadiums in the game. This stadium is littered with Thwomps and deep sand. The deep sand is located on the sides of the stadium which greatly hinder movement. The middle ground is stone which allows for normal movement. However, the middle ground is also a stomping area for Thwomps which can crush your characters and disrupt shots. Fast characters are recommended for this stadium.

The Classroom[edit]

Another stadium that has no outside effects. This is the stadium where you are trained in Strikers 101.

The Lava Pit[edit]

This stadium looks like an active volcano. Fireballs will occasionally land in the field and create a small fire crater. Any character that touches it will be unusable for a short time. If the ball touches the crater, it will bounce in the air and also be slightly powered up, ready for a quick shot.

This stadium is unlocked when you win the Fire Cup.

The Wastelands[edit]

Wastelands is an icy stadium and is also threatened by thunderstorm. The icy field makes it difficult to control your characters. In addition, lightning will occasionally strike on the field. First there are two warning strikes then the actual lightning strike will hit. When the lightning strikes it will hit the ball and any character near it, including the goalie. Be wary about the lightning and either kick the ball away or avoid it entirely at that point.

This stadium is unlocked by winning the Golden Foot and Brick Wall awards in the Fire Cup.

Crystal Canyon[edit]

At the beginning of each kick off, up to two characters will be removed from play from each side, causing the game to be 2v2 or 3v3 until a goal is scored. When a goal is scored, new characters will be chosen to be removed. This can make it easier to score due to the lack of interference.

This stadium is unlocked by winning the Crystal Cup.

The Dump[edit]

As the name suggests, you are in a dump. The terrain is slippery and the stadium is shaped like a drain. The ball will slowly move to the center of the field when it's untouched.

This stadium is unlocked by winning the Golden Foot and Brick Wall awards in the Crystal Cup.

Stormship Stadium[edit]

You are on a floating ship where there is an electrical storm. The field will tilt left an right throughout the game. Lightning strikes will also occur and travel through the electrical system below the field. If you get hit by the current, your character will be stunned for a few moments.

This stadium is unlocked by winning the Striker Cup.

Galactic Stadium[edit]

This stadium is in space. There doesn't appear to be any side effects of this stadium.

This stadium is unlocked by winning the Golden Foot and Brick Wall awards in the Striker Cup.

Classic Stadiums[edit]

The following stadiums are from the previous game and have no weather effects.

  • Pipeline Central
  • The Palace
  • The Underground
  • Crater Field
  • The Battle Dome
  • Bowser Stadium
  • Konga Coliseum